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A letter from a senior

Kailey Carter, Features & Sports Editor

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I honestly can not believe that I am a senior. It really did not hit me until my close friends and I took a picture together at senior lunch. These past four years have blurred together in my mind, but I think I have learned a few things along the way. My four best tips of advice to any freshman (some passed on and some of my own):

1. Cheer at the pep rallies.

On gameday afternoons, look around at the students who cheer proudly- then look at the people glued to their phones. Who is having more fun? Who is embracing the spirit of a true Patriot? So stand up and cheer; the people around you will reciprocate. The students cheering are the most involved. They are the athletes and cheerleaders representing LB that night at the game, they are the band members beating the drums, they are the dancers bobbing in sync. Then, find the spirit section, waving the American flag, chanting “I believe.” Join them.

2. Not all adults are out to get you.

Trust me, I have had my fair share of teachers who have made my life more difficult than it ought to be. On the other hand, I have also had my fair share of teachers who have truly shaped me as a student, a leader, and ultimately as a person. Make connections and go the extra mile to form respectful relationships with the teachers and administration at Lake Brantley. When you become a senior, they may write recommendation letters for college or help you start your own club. High school is about networking, and the adults here are willing to mentor us so that we are able to start our own adult lives.

3. Your grades absolutely matter, but only to an extent.

Freshman year, many walk into school thinking it is okay to fail classes. Do not be fooled by this popular opinion. College may seem very distant now but the grades you earn and the study habits you form in your first year of high school are crucial and will define the rest of your high school, and perhaps even college, career. That being said, checking Skyward religiously every hour will not generate A’s but rather give you ulcers. Do not stress about the one test you failed a month ago, but instead channel that energy into studying for your next test.

4. Find something new every day. Lake Brantley is a huge school.

There is always something happening. Sunshine club is holding a car wash to raise funds for abused horses. The drum line is halling on game day. Leadership is “wobbling” at lunch. The Art Honor Society is hanging their new work in the office. ROTC is having a pull-up contest in the courtyard. If there is truly nothing exciting taking place, open your eyes and see all the different faces on campus. I have attended this school for four years now and I meet new people every day. Quite simply, make the few years we have in high school unique and memorable, you will not regret it.

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A letter from a senior