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Valentine’s Themed Playlist

Filled with charming, clichéd love songs for your enjoyment.

Balloons flood the front office hallways on Valentine’s Day where Sunshine Club was filling the many orders that were placed.

Caroline Hull, Staff Reporter

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Baby I’m Yours – Arctic Monkeys

Starting off with a blast from the past, Barbara Lewis originally published the song “Baby I’m Yours” in 1965, and in 2006 the Arctic Monkeys released it as a retro cover. The melodies and sweet, heartfelt lyrics are perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Check Yes Juliet – We the Kings

This underdog love story tells a classic tale of forbidden love, and being with each other despite all odds We the Kings manages to encapsulate what it feels like to run away with someone you love, and it’s definitely worth a listen.


Arms – Christina Perri

The song “Arms” is a battle between heart and mind, and how it feels to fall in love with someone you never expected. The sweet tones and soft melody of the song reminds how nothing makes sense until you are wrapped in their arms.


The Moon Song – “Her”

“The Moon Song” is originally from the movie “Her” and is sung by Karen O. The lyrics are about loving someone and trusting them with everything you are. Being with the person you love is like being a million miles away from everything else, and this song captures the mood and fits the movie perfectly.


The Girl – City and Colour

This indie acoustic tune is a guy singing to his love and talking about how much he cares for her and wants to make her happy, even though she doesn’t ask him for anything. It displays unconditional love and the beat is very calming.


Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

This song was played twice in the well-known movie “500 Days of Summer”. It suggests the importance of capturing the innocence of youth and young love, before it is too late.


6 Months – Hey Monday

“6 Months” is a song about a girl who loves her boyfriend, even when things get rough, she could never love anyone as much as she loves him. The lyrics are charming and it’s hard not to smile while listening!


Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop – Landon Briggs

The lyrics to this tune are pretty self explanatory, as it describes “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop”. This song is very pleasant to listen to while doing homework, or even just daydreaming.  The rhythm is soothing and the sentiment is lovely, which is why it is perfect for a Valentine’s playlist!


No Name – Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Ryan O’Shaughnessy was discovered on Britain’s Got Talent when he auditioned singing his original song, “No Name”. It was given this title because he didn’t want to reveal who he had feelings for. It is sure to make anyone swoon!


You & I – Ingrid Michaelson

“You & I” is the perfect explanation of wanting to be with someone and not caring about anything else in the world. Money and other superficial things don’t matter because you just want to be by their side.


Wherever You Go – A Rocket to the Moon

Following your loved one to the ends of the Earth is another adorable cliche to show how devoted you are to somebody. Being hopelessly devoted can sometimes make you feel helpless, but when you are beside the one you love nothing else matters. “Wherever You Go” is definitely worth listening to.


Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s

This song is perfect if the person you love is far away from you. “Hey There Delilah” completely describes what it is like to be in a long distance relationship. But no matter how difficult it is, the love still lasts.


First Date – Blink-­182

The jitters of a first date can always get to you, and this song flawlessly describes the fretfulness it causes. Blink-182 is known for their rock style, and it is a nice contrast to many of the other songs on this playlist, but it still fits the theme of Valentine’s Day impeccably.


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