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Excessive Technology Use Is Harmful

Emily Soto Garcia, Journalism 1 Student

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Excessive use of technology will have harmful effects on people’s health. It can cause permanent hearing loss and mental health problems.

According to a national study done by Harvard University, one out of five teens suffer permanent hearing loss, most of which is caused by listening to load sounds. Hearing damage caused by exposure to extremely loud sounds cannot be corrected even with surgery. The Risk Science Center explains that the average MP3 player volume reaches 120 decibels, which is the unit in which sound is measured. If a young person were to listen to any type of music at 120 decibels for one hour and 30 minutes, that person will have permanent hearing loss.

People who use technology for several hours at a time can have depression, anxiety, and sleeping problems, but the biggest negative effect is that teens are more vulnerable to electronic aggression. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that electronic aggression is any type of violence that is done electronically, which can lead to serious consequences. An example of electronic aggression would be when a person losses the ability to use their phone because the phone fall and breaks, instead of trying to find a way to fix the phone they would take their anger out on a person and end up having a very heated verbal disagreement.

Many teens use technology as a buffer, so that they would not have to talk to people. This gives teens an excuse to always be on their electronic devices and is causing them to become addicted to it. With the growing use of social media and the fear of missing out on life, more people are using technology as a part of their daily life.

Although technology can be good advantage to have in people’s life, technology may be harmful for people’s health. The more technology a person, uses the higher are that the person will have a physical, mental, or emotional problem that could led to more serious consequences.

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Excessive Technology Use Is Harmful