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On opening night of April 20, Lake Brantley’s Drama Troupe 2888 performed the production ‘Godspell’. A production full of energy, positive messages and unique music, this production is unlike any other performed by the drama department.

The play has a cast of about 15 students but, only three students play a starring role. These main characters will be portraying popular Bible characters such as Jesus, Judas and John the baptist. While the play is telling common parables throughout the book of Matthew, it is not limited to Christian students.The play seeks to both entertain and inform students on the current world they live in while telling biblical stories with a modern twist. In addition to the plot being unique, ‘Godspell’ had a student director, Alex Iacuzzo which added another interesting feature to the play.

“‘Godspell’ is different from other productions because we have a student director and it has a completely different vibe then any other production we have put on,” senior Darren Maffei said. “I’m most looking forward to singing my last solo on the Lake Brantley stage before I graduate.”

For Seniors of the drama department this is their last production with the troupe. To many, this play has been a  meaningful way to end their career since it tackles so many controversial topics and has such an interesting perspective on the world they live in. Unlike other productions, ‘Godspell’ never has a dull moment. Every line, word, and song sang carries importance into the execution of the show overall.

“My favorite part of ‘Godspell’ is the high energy music and the lessons being told in the musical,” senior Fernando Garcia said. “‘Godspell’ is an ensemble play which means every part is a key part of the play.”

Students have been working on ‘Godspell’ for over two months which indicates the time and effort put in by these students to produce the best production possible. Some actions taken were working before and after school and during lunch. From the stage manager to the understudies, this play is full of a hardworking and dedicated members. Some of these dedicated memories included an all female tech crew. These 13 students were in charge of lights, sounds and the overall production of the show. This was the first time that the tech team has had an all female crew.

“It was really empowering to see an all female tech crew work on the production of ‘Godspell,” junior Bridget Froemming said. “Working fluently on systems that men predominantly prosper in showed not only the audience, but also the cast that we can do everything men can do, but better.”

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