Collage Art 1


On Feb. 27, students Andres Garcia (left) and Luis Rivera (right), work on gluing their magazine pieces down after sketching out their photo. “What I like about this project is how we build the picture bottom to top, piece by piece,” Garcia said.

Uliana Ermolaeva, Journalism 1 Reporter

In the month of February, the Art 1 students in Kathleen Neylon’s class started working on an art collage project. The students choose a reference picture and try to recreate it with magazine cutouts.

“First I sketch out the drawing on cardboard and then find the colors that I need for my collage and rip those colors into tiny pieces and glue on the cardboard,” freshman Samantha Peraza said.

The project makes students think creatively since they have to match and position everything to match the reference picture. It challenges students to think more abstract and work with the materials that they have.

“This project helps me work on simplifying the process of making art and thinking about the most important details,” freshman Izzy Sanders said.

The students get to pick their reference picture from a variety that is already there. The pictures consist of anything from animals, paintings, or people. Students are challenged to look at the big picture and pick out specific details.

“It is a butterfly and I like all the different shades and colors that there are on it,” Peraza said.

The collage turns out bigger than their reference picture so students have to sketch it out before they can actually start planning on where to glue the pieces on.

“What I like about this project, making a big picture with small papers,” freshman Luis Rivera said.

Students get to witness how their creations come together as time goes on.

“What I like about this project is how we build the picture bottom to top piece by piece,” freshman Andreas Garcia said.