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Different methods to prepare for AP Nationals
Students nationwide, especially at Lake Brantley, take Advanced Placement[AP] courses during their high school career. Advanced Placement courses are administered by a non-profit organization called the College Board, these are classes that are provided at a higher level of rigor and difficulty than the typical high school course. AP courses are college level classes that high school students are eligible to take on their own campus, in the traditional sphere of a K-12 education. This provides the students with more one-on-one time with the teacher and a more in depth look at the coursework that would be otherwise done on their own if taken in a traditional college setting. There are a variety of AP courses, ranging from mathematics to art, and Lake Brantley has extensive participation within all of its departments. Students in AP classes work all year in order to prepare for the major exams that take place during a set two weeks in May, the AP Nationals. In order to prepare for these nationals students utilize an abundance of tactics including but not limited to: in class review, study groups, personal review books, and many more.

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Miryam Elshaer, Multimedia/Web Editor

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