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Shelby Brunson
Shelby Brunson is the Opinions Editor on staff. As a junior, she is very excited for her classes this year as she likes all her teachers and also hopes to improve the opinion writing for The Brantley Banner. Her passion for opinions stems from her quiet nature; she believes that opinions are a great way to voice the thoughts that you would not usually say. Brunson is on newspaper staff because she enjoys writing stories. She recognizes that there are so many interesting topics to write about and this form of writing has no boundaries. Brunson has played basketball since she lived in New Jersey and continued even after she moved to Florida in the sixth grade. During the 2018-2019 school year, Brunson was captain for the Lake Brantley Girls Varsity team. While living in New Jersey, she frequently saw broadway productions, her favorite of which is “The Lion King.” Because of her position on staff and her love for the musical,she has a strong opinion on the live action “Lion King.”

Shelby Brunson, Opinions Editor

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