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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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Goldilocks, a well known story, was redesigned and re-reported by journalism 1 reporter Destiny Delgado.

Girl sentenced to prison for burglary

Destiny Delgado, Journalism 1 Reporter November 23, 2022

A young blonde-haired girl was caught and charged late Fri. night after breaking into and entering the home of three bears. The perpetrator, Goldilocks, is a young woman who snuck into the home of three...

Jacob Clifton, journalism 1 reporter, tells the story of Goldilocks, from the perspective of a fairy tale news reporter.

Girl found trespassing into bears home

 Jacob Clifton, Journalism 1 Reporter November 23, 2022

Earlier this morning a small woman trespassed into the household of three bears, caused damage and was discovered to have used various household materials, and they intend on pressing charges against the...

Sleeping Beauty is a timeless tale that journalism 1 reporter Samantha Clark reimagined.

Princess Briar Rose found unconscious

Sammie Jo Clark, Journalism 1 Reporter November 23, 2022

A young woman was found unconscious and covered in blood Thursday night. Local police report the name of the victim was Princess Briar Rose. Princess Rose was last seen in her sewing room in the castle....

Leila Amirkhosravi, journalism 1 reporter, retells the fable of the Three Little Pigs.

Damaged homes sparks questions on structural integrity

Leila Amirkhosravi, Journalism 1 Reporter November 23, 2022

Brownie, Whitey and Blackie were three pigs who were well-known residents of New Zealand. Their settlements were in a barren, empty ranch with a minimal population and a scarce number of acres. “The...

Rather than a love story, journalism 1 reporter Kira Ambrose shares the dark truth of Belle Beauty and Adam Princes relationship.

Adam Prince charged with kidnapping

Kira Ambrose, Journalism 1 Reporter November 23, 2022

On Sun. night, Adam Prince was tried and charged with the kidnapping of Belle and Maurice Beauty. Previously missing, Maurice reappeared and immediately informed law-enforcement to the location of Prince’s...

The famous story of The Little Mermaid is retold in a new way by journalism 1 reporter Peyton Mojzisik

Chaos strikes Prince Eric’s wedding

Peyton Mojzisik, Journalism 1 Reporter November 23, 2022

Prince Eric’s search for marriage created the largest scandal ever reported in royal history. Trying to find a bride before his birthday passed, he was desperate to search for the woman who had saved...

Lucy Johnson, journalism 1 reporter, reimagines the story of Gullivers Travels as a breaking news story, told by a Lilliput reporter.

Gulliver escapes prison after treason charges

Lucy Johnson, Journalism 1 Reporter November 23, 2022

Danger struck the tiny island nation of Lilliput when a shipwrecked man was charged with treason along with several other crimes and then quickly escaped. The man, Lemuel Gulliver, was sentenced to being...

The classic tale of Hansel and Gretel was revamped by journalism 1 reporter Austyn Amorginos.

Sibling duo found guilty of cannibalism

Austyn Amorginos, Journalism 1 Reporter November 23, 2022

A brother and sister were charged for cannibalism and the murder of over 10 people. Hansel and Gretel Leiderhosen, the children of the village woodcutter, Wheresmeine Leiderhosen, were found with the...

Journalism 1 reporter Darla Mink puts a twist on the classic tale of Rapunzel.

Princess of Corona found kidnapped

Darla Mink, Journalism 1 Reporter November 23, 2022

The princess of Corona has been kidnapped. Just born a few days ago, princess Rapunzel had magical powers in her hair which could be used for healing and rejuvenating. It is suspected that the reason...

Fairytales in Journalism

Fairytales in Journalism

November 23, 2022

What if journalists were around in fairytales? Students in Dr. Knight's Journalism 1 classes tackled this question by imagining how various fairytales would be retold as breaking news stories. Students...

On board an Allegiant airline flight to Appleton, Wis., journalism teacher Katie Turkelson watches the clouds float by from her window seat. Turkelson considers herself a window Sleeper.

Travelers! Thoughts on Frequent Flyers

Faith Shimick, News and Copy Editor October 19, 2021

Girl with a Pearl Earring tribute

‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ tribute

Faith Shimick, News and Copy Editor October 16, 2021

“Girl with a Saxophone Earring” is an homage to Vermeer’s eventually titled “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. When thinking of the pearl earring, I thought that, were the girl to be real, the pearl...

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