How to Program a Sound System

Photo provided by: Angelina Jonkaitis
The first step in building a sound rack is getting the rack ready for its equipment. Each rack depending on the venue and client will be a different size and vary with equipment.

Angelina Jonkaitis, Entertainment Editor

When it comes to a restaurant wanting an indoor music system or a local venue needing sound, sound racks are built to match a client’s needs. Sound racks vary in size and are composed of different pieces of equipment. Reliance AV is a company that specializes in building custom sound racks and programming them to match what a client wants. Sound racks typically have an amplifier, a BSS system, power bank, audio transmitter and receiver (a microphone) and a bluetooth audio system. Each of these pieces of hardware are  programmed through the BSS system which allows a client to control his or her audio, projector or tv with the push of a button. Various software is involved in making this a reality. However, it is not as easy as simply saying “go”; it requires special coding to make these racks possible. coding is saved to the end, first, there is a step by step process to building a rack and getting it ready for the final step.