Fabulous Lake Brantley all about homecoming


Photo provided by: Leadership

Homecoming tickets are on sale at myschoolbucks.com. The homecoming dance will take place Saturday, Nov. 9 at 7:00pm.

Faith Shimick, Copy Editor

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what is taking place on the Grassy Green on Nov. 6 is already being talked about. The theme of this year’s homecoming is ‘Fabulous Lake Brantley’, and spirit days and festivities are already in full swing, adding to the excitement of the awaited event.

When leadership voted in April on homecoming themes, an awards show theme called ‘the Brantleys’ was a strong contender, but ultimately lost out to the more powerful ‘Fabulous Lake Brantley’.

“My top two were always ‘the Brantleys’, the awards show,” senior class vice-president Kade Sowers said. “It was like a Grammys-Oscar-Brantley awards show thing cause I thought the red carpet would be cool. But then once this got picked, I was really excited cause then we could have gaming and stuff.”

One of the biggest changes from previous homecomings is the location. As mandated by the district, dances were required to be held outside this year. Taking the requirements into account, the Grassy Green outside the cafeteria and Building 5 is the best place to have it.

“Truthfully, I think that [being outside] will be one of the only major changes,” Leadership and SGA sponsor Audra Greuel said. “The main difference is that it won’t be like dark inside the gym where you walk down the gym hallway. It’s going to be all open air, all outside and we’re getting a huge dance floor for like 1,000 kids to step on or whatever in the middle of the grassy area.”

Having more space is just one benefit of being outside. The temperature will be cooler, and there will be more activities to do. Hosting the dance outside also allows more guests to come, when a few weeks ago, they would not have been able to.

On top of the change in setting, Leadership has additionally added new forms of entertainment to match the homecoming theme and one semi-secret planned activity for the dance is sure to up the fun level for attendees. 

“I think the most exciting thing will probably be the gaming tables because it’s something that’s never really been done before, and it goes with Las Vegas,” junior Riley Fisher said. “It’s like a fun little high school twist to it. I think people will be really shocked when they see them.”