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Out of this World: Predators versus Alien Powderpuff Game

Madison Goldfarb, Staff Reporter

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Photo provided by: Trinity Hartman

On The Tom Story Field The Predators gather to take a group picture and celebrate their win. This was definitely a memorable Monday night for our soon departing seniors.

The powderpuff game is not like any ordinary game played on Tom Storey Field. Powderpuff is the ultimate rivalry competition between juniors and seniors. Every year seniors vow to take down the underclassmen while the juniors promise to defeat their superiors. This year, the senior Predators versus junior Aliens game lived up to its expectations and was a night to remember for everyone involved including the crowd.

Senior quarterback Alyssa Ridinger set the tone for the evening with a running touchdown just five minutes into the game. However, the seniors were unable to execute  a two-point conversion, giving them only a 6-0 lead against the juniors. The juniors were quick to respond with a running touchdown completed by quarterback, Kaylen Gill. Taylor Rakauskas caught a pass from Gill for the extra point putting the juniors up seven to six.

“Throughout the game I was just trying to have fun, which I did, but I also had my very competitive side come out which caused me to feel anxious at moments, but excited the whole time,” Gill said. “After scoring the touchdown, I became confident that we would give the seniors a run for their money and that it wouldn’t just be an easy win for them.”

To kick off the second half, the Predators started with the ball, but were quickly denied by the junior defense. However, they were given another chance thanks to their equally impressive defense. Once the seniors got the ball back, Ridinger ran for another touchdown to put the Predators up 14-7 against the Aliens. The aliens gave it their best shot to make it down the field with the little time left, but were not able to pull it off, granting the Class of 2017 their second victory in two years.

“I think the coaches’ plays were a huge success to our win as well as every single player’s contribution on both the offense and defense,” Ridinger said. “Everyone had a part in the win and every single person made a difference out on the field. The Class of 2017 is the best out there and no one is stopping us. We have the best coaches and most athletic girls in the school.”

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Out of this World: Predators versus Alien Powderpuff Game