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Hurry Down the Street so You Have Time to Eat

Olivia Carter, Sports/Graphic Design Editor

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For three long years, underclassmen dream about senior year and the exciting events it entails. Among the coveted privileges seniors hold, the ability to go off campus for lunch is one favored by many. Although the process to obtain the freedom to leave school grounds is somewhat tedious, many seniors take advantage of the opportunity.

First, an application must be downloaded from the Lake Brantley website and filled out. After this is completed, it must be notarized and then brought into the office along with five dollars and the student’s school ID. Once completed, seniors are allowed to leave for lunch or run a quick errand if needed.

“Typically when I’m not going out to grab lunch with my friends I run home and pick up a quick snack and anything else I may need for the rest of the day,” senior Emily Chrisien said. “It definitely comes in handy when you forget things like your homework or phone charger.”

One difficulty some seniors run into is lunch rush hour. Occasionally traffic can be a hassle and may cause students to be late. In addition to road backups, lines at various restaurants move extremely slow, leaving no time to eat and return to campus. Despite these problems, seniors still choose to leave campus for a short getaway from the school day. In an attempt to avoid the lines, students often utilize online “order-ahead” tools on their phones. Some favorites, such as Firehouse Subs, Panera, and Tijuana Flats, provide this convenient option.

“The hardest part about going to lunch at rush hour is that we only have thirty minutes to go somewhere and come back,” senior Amelia Schatz said. “It sounds like plenty of time but by the time you drive there and back, you only have about ten minutes to eat, even if you order ahead.”

When they leave and return to campus, seniors are required to walk through the rocks. Here, student IDs are checked for a special sticker that verifies the student’s grade level and whether or not they are allowed to leave campus for lunch. Unfortunately, some students find it hard to wait until their senior year to enjoy eating off-campus. Underclassmen often attempt to get rides from seniors in order to go out to lunch. If they are caught, students can face several disciplinary actions. Many seniors refuse to transport younger students because they do not want to jeopardize their own privileges.

“I go out every Tuesday and Friday with a group of friends,” Chrisien said. “I really like going to Taco Tuesday at Tijuana Flats, Chick-fil-A, or Firehouse Subs.”

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Hurry Down the Street so You Have Time to Eat