Pizza, Pasta, Poultry, and more at Patriot Pointe


Photo provided by: Katie Turkelson

Faculty and staff sample food from the new Patriot’s Pointe Restaurant on August 9. The restaurant features different types of cuisine including chicken sandwiches, burrito bowls, and iced coffee.

Carson Yore, Staff Reporter

Over the summer, while many renovations were centered around returfing the football field and creating an entire building from scratch, another group of construction workers were embarking on a project a little more… tasty.

With approval and financial support from the Seminole County Public School Board, the old cafeteria was converted into Patriot Point, a restaurant that provides a unique dining experience for students.

“We wanted to get away from a cafeteria and really look like a restaurant,” dining services restaurant manager Tom Tipton said. “We want to not only keep the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, but also the seniors from leaving campus because the food is great that we have here and we are trying to get better and better with our offerings.”

To achieve this goal, the restaurant divides the lines into different world cuisines. The options include the traditional Asian meals at Yin Yang, the Chipotle style burrito bowls from Mexology, the Chick-fil-a inspired Roost, the pizza and pasta combination at Pi, and the classic coffee and subs at Filtered . This change allowed for more food options to be introduced, and gave the cafeteria a creative spin.

“I think that the different names add a bit of character to our school,” junior Walter Stahll said. “I’d say that the names are pretty creative. My favorite is Pi because it’s a nice little combination of references to math pi and pizza pie.”

Due to the numerous construction projects that were already planned for the summer, the Seminole County Public School Board could only approve one more project, and decided to provide a much needed update for the cafeteria. During the designing process, they hoped to achieve a more modern and unique design.

“Student input inspired us to do something different from our usual dining services,” Seminole County Superintendent Dr. Walt Griffin said. “Our dining services team researched and worked with architects.”

The overall look and feel of the restaurant is what has sparked the most excitement in students, however, there have been considerable improvements behind-the-scenes of the restaurant. These advancements in the kitchen help to increase food quality and create a more efficient and comfortable environment for both students and staff members.

“The equipment is all brand new, everything we work with is new, and we added sixteen new staff members to serve [the students],” Tipton said.

While the inside of the restaurant was operational and finished in time for the first day of school, the surrounding courtyard is still under construction. However, when these renovations are finished, they will further enhance the appeal of the restaurant.

“The biggest improvements we are going to have is once the outdoor area is finished,” Tipton said. “We will have walkup areas on the outside, so guests that don’t want to come in can come to the outside lines and get pizza, chicken sandwiches, coffee. There will be more tables and shaded areas to sit in.”

The Patriot Pointe restaurant was an immense undertaking that required the compatibility and coordination of many moving parts. In the end, everything came together like a three-course meal. 

“I’ve opened a lot of restaurants and this no different than opening a restaurant,” Tipton said. “It’s a little confusing at first, and then it starts to streamline and things go much smoother.”