A Clean Slate


Photo provided by: Cassie Muse

The staff hired to paint the school puts finishing touches on the now blue doors. Columns and the exterior of the building are also being repainted a steel grey color.

Porter Huyck, Staff Reporter

Cracked concrete, scuffed paint and ancient dried gum are signifiers of an aging school. For years our campus was afflicted with such unappealing characteristics. Fortunately, however, our school has been lucky enough to receive funding for a beautiful new coat of paint on the exterior walls of our campus. 

The new paint, in light and dark gray, will cover the old, marred and battered red and beige paint that previously adorned the cinder block and concrete walls of the buildings and the Main Gym. The two-toned design visible in the completed portions of the project creates a nice contrast in the paint itself and helps to accent the beige and red brickwork around the rest of the school. The darker coloring of the paint will help it retain a cleaner look for longer, helping to hide the inevitable dirty and faded look that the old red and beige paint took on from years of exposure to the elements. In addition to making the campus more aesthetically pleasing from the outside, the paint also matches the colors that the interior classrooms were painted during the 2017-2018 school year, which turned the old and boring white walls a calmer shade of gray that looks cleaner longer and is more visually appealing than a blank white. The new paint resolves the mismatched conflict of the campus’ interior and exterior colors. 

A key aspect of the new painting project is the updated door colors.. The previous paint pattern of the school included solid red walls and green doors. It would not require an expert to notice that red walls do not coordinate well with swamp green doors. The repainting of the doors is important because they receive, by far, the most wear and tear of any wall surface on campus, marring their already unpleasant green color with scratches, stains and dirt. The new paint plan transforms the old doors across campus, aside from the new Building Five, from a dark green to a bright, friendly and patriotic blue. The new door painting makes the campus more inviting to visitors and students alike who are coming to learn and grow at our campus. 

Even though the process itself may be less than beautiful, the outcome of the new paint for our campus is a cleaner, refreshed and more modern feel for our updated campus that brings together the old and the new, thus increasing the overall appeal to students and visitors. When all the renovations are finished, the school will be ready to provide a great environment for students to learn and succeed.