Winter Spiced Sprite Cranberry Review


Photo provided by: Creative Commons

Winter Spiced Sprite Cranberry is sold on grocery store shelfs all throughout the holiday season. The drink brings sweet carbonation to customers.

Carson Yore, Staff Reporter

When the Coca-Cola Company, the owners of Sprite, released Sprite Cranberry in 2013, they knew they had something rare. While it took the drink until 2018 to become widely famous, Sprite had managed to turn a limited edition soft drink into a cult hit, one that fans everywhere, myself included, could not get their hands off of. For years, the drink has been a staple to the holidays, a sweet dessert carbonation that is reserved for the late months of the year. Or at least was, as on Sept. 17, Sprite infamously released a tweet that confirmed the biggest blunder in modern history: this year Sprite Cranberry will be replaced by Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite.

Wanting to give the new Sprite spinoff a chance, I eagerly awaited its released in grocery stores everywhere. Unfortunately, there is not a lot to like. While Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite is not inherently bad, it is unoriginal in every way. It seems as if sprite was trying to make a cranberry drink that still tastes like the original, leading to a soda that does not have a distinguishable flavor. The best part of Sprite Cranberry was how different it was from the original Sprite, whereas the new Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite just feels like the company was playing it safe. Some die-hard Sprite fans might argue modeling after the original is perfect, as you can never top the classic flavor, but that would simply defeat the whole purpose of a spinoff in general. The only compliment I can give the rendition is the art on the can, which still remains beautiful.

While Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite is not at all what fans wanted, it does confirm one age old lesson: if it is not broken, do not fix it. Despite the holiday season representing gifts and sharing presents, all Sprite has done is take away from the consumer.