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Sophomore Shelby Yore reads a book as part of her nightly routine. “After finishing homework and eating dinner, reading a book relaxes me for the night,” Yore states. “It also helps me go to sleep earlier.”

Staff Picks: Setting a Daily Routine for Yourself

In the wake of the global pandemic known as COVID-19, student’s day to day lives have been completely flipped on their head. School schedules are drastically different than they were just a few weeks ago, all sports and activities have been canceled for the time being, and even going outside is frowned upon. This complete curve ball of an event has thrown the daily itinerary of the average student into complete disarray. Where students once had structure and freedom, they now have confinement and nothing but free time. However, there is one thing that students can and should do to restore some semblance of normalcy to the average day in the middle of quarantine: setting a daily routine.

While one’s daily routine is often taken for granted and not given so much as a second thought during regular times, life altering events like these, while temporary, shed light on how much we rely on daily patterns. Humans are creatures of repetition, and without the comforting presence of a routine, procrastination can be harder to control, remembering assignments is often left up to chance, and goals set for oneself are sometimes thrown to the wayside, among other things. By sitting down and building a routine for oneself, and then following it, students can be far more organized, have an improved school/life balance, and nip procrastination and forgetfulness in the bud. While setting a routine for yourself can sound like imposing rules upon yourself for no reason, in times of confusion and chaos like these, having a daily routine can be a rare life vest to keep you afloat.

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Staff Picks: Setting a Daily Routine for Yourself