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The Iris K. Shim and Sandra Oh film, Umma highlighted generational trauma, as well as the relationships between mother and daughter.

Not becoming your “Umma”

Julia Moon, Editor in Chief April 1, 2022

Released on Mar.18, “Umma'' touched on elements of psychological and supernatural horror, using visual effects to make it difficult for viewers to know if the characters’ experiences were real or just...

A swing and a miss

Delaney Rosenblatt, Staff Reporter January 19, 2022

Let’s be honest. Marvel fanatics and aficionados all have a weakness for compelling Marvel Studios films because of their undeniable likability and nostalgic characters. Unfortunately, the recent “Spider-Man:...

Great responsibility, great delivery

Julia Hubbell, Entertainment/Opinions Editor January 19, 2022

It is no exaggeration to say that the world has shown a lot of love to “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. Spider-Man fans around the world, myself included, flocked to theaters on Dec. 17 to see the third...

Review on Spider-Man: No Way Home

Review on “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

Julia Hubbell and Delaney Rosenblatt January 19, 2022

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" hit theaters on Dec. 17, 2021. With high expectations set for the third installment of Tom Holland's trilogy, mixed emotions and opinions were curated by the film. Warning, spoilers...

Macaulay Culkin features as Kevin, the supposed protagonist of Disneys 1990 Christmas film Home Alone. While he may be advertised as a lovable hero, he is anything but.

Kevin McAllister is the real villain of “Home Alone”

Faith Shimick, News and Copy Editor November 26, 2021

At first, Disney’s 1990 movie “Home Alone” seems like a happy, lighthearted Christmas classic. It has everything a blockbuster childrens’ movie could want, from a great soundtrack to an action-packed...

“Free Guy” isn’t a good movie, it’s a great one

Julia Moon, Editor in Chief September 14, 2021

As a casual gamer myself, NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) can range from being the best helper to being the worst character in the game. One might even think that if the character were playable, they would...

Review on Free Guy

Review on “Free Guy”

Faith Shimick and Julia Moon September 14, 2021

Ryan Reynolds features as the titular Guy, a banker who repeats his days over and over, as is his duty as a non-playable character, or NPC. Over the first 30 minutes, he discovers that the special ‘Sunglasses...

Review: The Happiest Season.

Review: “The Happiest Season”.

Marcela Maya, Staff Reporter December 1, 2020

On  Nov. 25, Hulu released the new Christmas romantic comedy movie, “The Happiest Season,” starring Kristen Stewart and Makenzie Davis. The film captures emotions that relate to wanting acceptance,...

The fact that all the cats are small compared to the buildings really makes the viewer feel part of their world and their story. The movie is about all the Jelicle cats who want to become reincarnated into their second lives. As you travel around the town learning about each cat, the setting reflects the character.

Cats got your tongue?

Angelina Jonkaitis, Staff Reporter January 28, 2020

The movie adaptation of the stage show “Cats” is artistic, creative, beautiful and eye-catching. Despite watching it with expectations to hate the film due to negative reviews and comments, I ended...

Drawing of the spaghetti dinner scene from Lady and the Tramp.

Paws what you’re doing and watch Lady and the Tramp

Anna Wesley, Photo Editor January 8, 2020

Lady and the Tramp can be considered a Disney classic. The original animation made its debut in 1955 and has had a lasting impact on the Disney universe ever since. So much so, that the magic makers at...

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