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The state of Florida maintains high heat almost all year instead of experiencing the typical spring, summer, fall, winter pattern.

Photo provided by: Shelby Brunson

The state of Florida maintains high heat almost all year instead of experiencing the typical spring, summer, fall, winter pattern.

Everything Wrong With the Weather

Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. What do these four southern states have in common, other than their appreciation for food and country music? They all have multiple seasons which are composed of a changing climate on a consistent. But for some reason, the weather in the state of Florida struggles with having a relatively stable climate and appropriate temperature for that specific time of the year.

Walking out on the front porch is generally a simple reminder of not only what season  it is, but also what holiday is approaching. When a light coat is needed one knows Thanksgiving is around the corner. When the cold wind brings a shiver down their spine one knows Christmas is drawing near. When short sleeves are finally suitable for the weather conditions one knows Easter is on the way. Instead, the lackluster weather leads to forgetfulness and latent shopping. The stagnant temperature associated with Florida strips away one of the many joys that come with the holidays, the joy created from expectation.

While generally unbearable, the degrees in Fahrenheit is not the only nuisance regarding Florida weather, as the frequent changes are equally insufferable. For example, when it rains, the duration is extremely inconsistent and could last from five minutes to more than an hour. The short-lived showers are similar to a stressed out teenager who is unsure whether to be irascible or energetic for the hour, only to change their mind in three minutes. The worst part is that the incongruity of the weather is not seasonal but rather a monthly, if not weekly occurrence that could completely squash somebody’s plans for the evening.

Although repulsive to some, Florida’s immobile temperature and erratic precipitation could be seen as an attractive quality to those who have little to compare it with. For instance, senior citizens who have had their fill of cold weather or twelve year old gamers who use the rain as an excuse to avoid any physical exertion. Eventually everyone gets sick of the ninety degree heat waves that takes place in September, the ten minute shower that leave the grass too muddy to play in, or the irritating humidity which demonstrates that Florida is better for vacations than lifetime homes.

No matter what time of year, Florida’s weather proves to be overbearing and unpleasant and is only tolerable to those who are used to the climate or have not been exposed to the weather patterns of other states. Most people are aware that sometimes the Sunshine State is way too sunny.


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