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Kiera Moore sits in front of her collection of dice as she participates in an adventure at Friday, Sep. 2’s Dungeons & Dragons club meeting. “I’ve been playing D&D for about 4 years,” Moore said. “A friend of mine invited me to play because I bought her a D&D starter kit from Barnes and Noble.”

Dungeons & Dragons: an adventure from home

Every Friday from 2:30 to 3:30, Dungeons& Dragons players of all experience levels gather in English teacher Andrea Krajewski’s room, 5-208. For an hour, players sit with friends battling imaginary foes their Dungeon Masters (DMs) come up with.

The club has been going on for three years, which is how long Krajewski has been playing herself. It has had its fair share of scheduling mishaps, especially when COVID-19 hit, but like other clubs, they have resumed a normal meeting schedule.

“Last year I was working for virtual school, so Mr. Start took it over for a little bit but with COVID, it was kind of strange so everything was different,” Krajewski said. “It went online for a while, and when I came back in January, I brought it back and it came back with a bang. This year is bigger than ever. This is the biggest the club has ever been.”

It has taken a while to get the meeting procedures nailed down, but with more DMs and a plan for each meeting, adventures should run smoother.

“The typical meeting should be the students will come in, they’ll get to join a table of a small group of kids, and then a student will run the story where they’ll kind of tell them what the adventure is for the day,” Krajewski said. “Then we basically sit around for an hour, playing the game and telling the story and completing adventures, and then sadly once the hour is up, we wrap it up or they continue on to the next week.”

Students can come with a prepared character sheet and dice, but if they do not have any, supplies can be borrowed with no judgement.

“My favorite part of the club is how absolutely kind and inviting the club owner, Mrs. Krajewski, is,” senior and third year member Kiera Moore said.“Joining the club not only introduces students to new people; but also a new experience. D&D is such an ever changing game that can bring about creative prompts, characters, and worlds.”

If students are questioning whether or not they would want to check the club out, Mrs. Krajewski has a question for them.

“I think Dungeons & Dragons gets a bad rap,” Krajewski said. “It’s seen as a very nerdy thing, and it’s not that. I’m an english teacher, I love stories, and so what I tell people is do you like telling stories? If so, then Dungeons & Dragons might be for you.”

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