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Animal assembly

During the 3rd period, the student news journalists at Willow Garden High School were working on their next stories for when the school news gets published next. The head of the school news, Fabell Cloves, was submitting her best three stories to the editor, when the computer just shut down and said; “Error, these stories go against the city’s laws, rules, opinions and beliefs. Please report to your headmaster immediately. If this action is not taken in the next 2 minutes you will get consequences that include expulsion or suspension, the choice is yours.” So being the good student that Fabell is, she rushed down to the headmasters office. She wasn’t sure what she did that went against the city’s laws or opinions, but she obviously invalidated something. This was very unlike her as well. This message had never popped up before, and she and her news team wrote about controversial ideas and topics all the time. The three stories she was submitting was talking about the negative and harmful side of animal testing, so maybe the city supported animal testing and they aren’t allowed to discuss this, since all the companies in the city of Larnwick test their products on animals. Fabell and majority of her friends all discussed this and all agree that they need to do something about testing on animals, because it is animal cruelty. In the three stories they wrote, it they were all discussing animal testing and how bad it is for the animals. In the articles they also wrote how they were going to host an assembly on January 27, which is in like 10 days about how you can help protest against animal cruelty.

When Fabell got done talking to her principal, she realized that what this city is missing is the First Amendment and the rights that come with the First Amendment. Larnwick is taking people’s freedom of speech and freedom of the press away so people only view things a certain way. Fabell went and told this to her friends and they are coming up with a plan to help get the First Amendment back to her city and give people the right to talk about certain things and also publish their opinions.

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