Homecoming King and Queen


Photo provided by: LM Photography

After campaigning for weeks, through means such as social media posts and on-campus decorations imploring students to vote for them, Sowers and Perkins (along with the rest of the student body) received the news that they had been elected at the Homecoming dance on Saturday, Nov. 6. “Being homecoming queen means a lot to me because it shows how much my peers care for me and I feel so honored to be chosen out of everyone in my class to fill those shoes,” Perkins said.

Annaliese Long, Staff Reporter

Amidst the many exciting facets of Homecoming week, there is one event that engages the student body more than any other. The campaign for and eventual election of Homecoming King and Queen allows candidates to get to know and interact with their peers in a unique way, in hopes of earning their vote. This year, the titles went to seniors Kade Sowers and Sarah Perkins.

Both Sowers and Perkins have made their presence known to the school. Sowers is a member of leadership and band, as well as an anchor on the morning announcements produced by TV Production classes, and Perkins is a competitive and varsity cheerleader. Through their interaction with their peers and contributions to the school, they were able to receive enough votes for their titles.

“I feel really good about being Homecoming King,” Sowers said. “The whole process was really exciting, and I’m really glad to have been part of the experience.”

Traditionally, the King and Queen’s crowning ceremony takes place before the Homecoming football game. However, due to the stormy weather conditions that reigned over this year’s game, the ceremony was moved to take place at the dance itself, and then followed up with an official coronation at the Boys Varsity Soccer Game on Wednesday, Nov. 10.

During the dance, after some time of dancing, eating, and bonding with their friends, students gathered to hear the results of the Homecoming Court election. With the rest of the court lined up at the front of the crowd, Brian Shafer addressed the students before proclaiming Sowers and Perkins as the King and Queen of the court. 

“I was speechless,” Perkins said. “It meant so much to me to win. I never thought I would, so being in that moment and hearing my name, watching my friends cheer for me was such an amazing experience.” 

After being crowned, Sowers and Perkins get to hold their position proudly throughout the rest of their time in high school.