Bernie Sanders

January 8, 2020


Photo provided by: Associated Press

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks in Epsom, New Hampshire during a campaign stop on Sept. 3.

Name: Bernie Sanders

Party: Democrat

Government experience: Senator since 2007, House of Representatives from 1991-2007

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (78), who also ran as a Democratic candidate in the 2016 election, but did not receive the nomination, has held a seat in Congress for the past 22 years, between the Senate and the House of Representatives. He was dubbed the ‘Amendment King’ of the House of Representatives for passing more bills than any other lawmaker. He is also the chairman of the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs and a member of the Senate Budget Committee. 

He is a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist and supports concepts such as expanded social security, better public education, including free public colleges and universities, and common sense gun safety and purchasing laws. He is a strong supporter of a woman’s right to choose, as well as the rights of disabled, racial minorities, and LGBT+ Americans. 

“He has the experience necessary,” senior Ryan Nolan said. “His ideas are radical enough to make the necessary changes to our economy, environment and political system that we need right now to benefit the nation as a whole and the global environment.”

Check out his campaign here.


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