Elizabeth Warren

January 8, 2020


Photo provided by: Getty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren speaks during the Dec. 19 Democratic primary debate.

Name: Elizabeth Warren

(Dropped out of race)

Party: Democrat

Government experience: Senate since 2013

Democratic Massachusests senator Elizabeth Warren, 70, was a law professor at a variety of prestigious universities for 30 years. She also served as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, assistant to former President Barack Obama and special adviser to the Secretary of the Treasury.

 The major tenets of Warren’s platform are to combat governmental corruption, reform gun control laws, and to expand social security. Warren shares many ideas with her peers, like fighting climate change, reforming criminal justice, and creating affordable higher education; her ideas branch out from her peers in that she wants to do away with the electoral college and her strong support for rural America and farming communities. 

“Sometimes the popular vote differs from the Electoral College vote, for example, the 2016 presidential election,” junior Lilly Kolterjohn said. “It feels like it is not really the vote of the people. I don’t think they will ever get rid of the Electoral College, but I think it should go.”

Check out her campaign here.

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