Cory Booker

January 8, 2020


Photo provided by: Associated Press

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker speaks during a climate change panel on Sept. 20.

Name: Cory Booker

(Dropped out of race)

Party: Democrat 

Government experience: Newark, New Jersey city councilman and mayor, New Jersey senator since 2013

Democrat Cory Booker of New Jersey has been a senator from New Jersey since 2013, when he became the first African-American senator from New Jersey. Previously, he served as a city councilman and mayor of Newark, New Jersey. 

The most unique tenant of his policy is the idea of ‘baby bonds’ which would be $1,000 savings accounts created when a child is born. The government would add money to the account annually and the account would become available once the child turns 18, to be used on housing or education. He also plans to focus on national gun licensing, affordable health care and debt-free education. Booker intends to enact major criminal justice reform, including the ending of mass incarceration. 

“I support him because he has strong views on racial injustice, which is something very important to me,” senior Courtney Roberts said. “His policy to reduce income inequality means a lot to me because it would give more opportunities to those who are less fortunate.”

Check out his campaign here.

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