Photo provided by: Shelby Brunson

On april 3, Junior Shelby Brunson sits at home and browses on Netflix in search of a TV show or movie to occupy her time in quarantine. All school systems in Seminole County have begun digital learning, and will do so for the duration of April. Due to student’s surge in free time, many have found fun and creative ways to stay busy.

Staff Pick: Streaming is Believing

If you are anything like me, you have probably spent your quarantine binging shows and movies on your favorite streaming platforms. Although not the most original of ideas, binging a good show will definitely keep you occupied when boredom strikes. Personally, I prefer Hulu because it has the most options, but if you are looking for nostalgia, Disney Plus is your best bet. Obviously there is always Netflix, which in my opinion has a better layout and a relatively classic feel (if there is such a thing on a twenty-first century streaming platform). Sadly, there are an unnecessary amount of different platforms, such as Starz, Showtime, and the ludicrous network ones jumping on the bandwagon; however, the big three are superior. Of course there is always regular television, but between ads and likely parental interaction (if your TV is in the living room), I do not think it is worth it. If you are in that phase where you have run out of things to watch, I suggest Altered Carbon (Netflix), New Amsterdam (Hulu), and anything from the Disney golden age. In all seriousness, binge watching can provide a phenomenal escape from the Covid-19 crisis, and for a brief hour or three it will seem as though you are procrastinating from school work, just like the good old days.




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