Photo provided by: Anisa Velazquez

Senior Anisa Velazquez uses her newfound free time at home to try painting. “I never expected to pick up a hobby like this, because I wouldn’t consider myself to be very creative,” Velazquez said. “However, I had a lot of fun and I cannot wait to paint more.”

Staff Pick: Painting

The moment I heard that school would not be back in session until at least March 30, (also known as: the good old days) I made an extensive list of activities I would try out in case I was stuck inside my humble abode. This list included a much needed deep cleaning of my bedroom and car, as well as a recipe for tofu spring rolls that were absolutely delightful, if you were wondering. At the top of the list, however, was painting. 

Now, you may be questioning my artistic abilities, and you are definitely not wrong in doing so. It’s feasible that I am lacking the part of my brain that allows for creativity, because I have never had the urge to make art in my 18 years of existence. Despite the odds that were stacked against me, I decided to put paintbrush to canvas and get to work.

I stopped at my local Michael’s craft store, and bought the cheapest supplies possible. For $25, I purchased 8 decently sized canvases, 15 bottles of acrylic paints, and a paintbrush/sponge kit that came straight out of my fondest elementary school memories. As soon as I got home, I searched for inspiration. I eventually found a photograph of a bare tree in a body of water overlooking the sunset and started painting. Almost immediately, I realized why people love it so much. Watching the smooth lacquer glide across the canvas and mixing the colors to get the shade I had envisioned in my brain was satisfying, to say the least. I was also with my boyfriend, who created a lovely mountain scene from muted grays, blues, and yellows. I hadn’t felt so at-peace in a very long time. 

This activity is highly recommended if you have the time. (Which I know you do) You do not need to be a creative mastermind to enjoy it; find something that inspires you and recreate it. Step away from the home office and relax for an hour or two; you deserve it! 

Lastly, as my friend Bob Ross once said, “Remember that this is your world. In your world, you can create anything that you desire.”

Here are some links to affordable (and Prime eligible) supplies:

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