Photo provided by: Katie Turkelson

The Brantley Banner newspaper staff and Patriot’s Pride yearbook staff have both been able to stay in contact with the help of weekly WebEx calls. This allows them to discuss the work they will be accomplishing for the week, as well as see each other and interact as they normally would in a classroom setting.

Social Distancing Staff Picks

In the past few weeks, our world and ways of life have drastically changed due to the effects of Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19). Our staff has put together a list of some of the activities they have been enjoying during these times of social distancing, as well as their reasoning behind it.

Staff Pick: Hockey or Homebody
Staff Pick: Video Games
Staff Pick: Painting
Staff Pick: Streaming is Believing
Staff Pick: Memories over milestones
Staff Pick: Why You Should Keep a Sketchbook
Staff Picks: DIY-ing
Staff Pick: Reducing Anxiety by Bonding with pets
Staff Pick: Quarantine and Puzzles
Staff Picks: Setting a Daily Routine for Yourself
Staff Pick: Washing Your Car
Staff Pick: Writing in a Journal
Staff picks: Making old things new
Staff Pick: This or That
Staff Pick : Working Out
Staff Picks: Playing Music
Staff Picks: Being Productive!

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