Photo provided by: Anna Wesley

Senior Anna Wesley redesigned these white slip-on shoes to be perfect for gator game days. First, the designs were sketched out using pencil and then were filled in using acrylic paint mixed with fabric softener.

Staff Picks: DIY-ing

Watching the world turn into something unrecognizable can make you feel like everything is out of your hands, like there is nothing you have control over. That is why I believe the best cure for social-isolation sickness is DIY-ing. DIYs, or do-it-yourself projects, are an easy way to use your creativity to make something that is not only practical, but completely customized to your taste. Personally, I used my new excess free time to paint a pair of white slip-on shoes. I mixed fabric softener with orange and blue acrylics to make the perfect Gator themed footwear. As I will be attending the University of Florida this coming fall, this was a great project to take my mind off of our present predicament and focus on the future. The amazing thing about DIYs is that they can be personalized to the needs of the creator. If painting is not your thing, maybe try upcycling old clothing, making homemade hanging plants, or modeling a ring holder out of clay. Whatever project you choose, it should be something that is practical and personalized to you. In this time of uncertainty and fear it is important to continue to express creativity and maintain control of your own situation.

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