Photo provided by: Debbie Wittig

On April 3, Senior Joelle Wittig tries out her typewriter as she works to fix it up. “It was so exciting to see it start to type,” Wittig said. “The ribbon I got wasn’t the right size but it was enough for it to type and it gave me motivation to continue working on the project.”

Staff picks: Making old things new

When COVID-19 started, I assumed it was being blown out of proportion, but as it spread and brought the world into a panic, I realized it was much more serious than I could have imagined. I knew that with the threat of a potential state-wide lockdown, I needed to be prepared for the worst, so I went shopping. Not for toilet paper, but for craft supplies. I had a few projects in mind that would keep me busy during social isolation and I am so glad I prepared, since April 3 marks the first day of the Florida stay-at-home order. I decided that over the next 30 days, I would make everything that was old feel new again.

My oldest possession is my Royal typewriter. I am not certain of the year it was made or the exact model, but I found it at an auction and my childhood dream of typing away at a typewriter slipped closer into reality. The only problem was that the typewriter had a long way to go before being usable. I would have to clean it, wash out the dead spiders, get new ribbon and ensure all the mechanics worked properly. The project felt enormous and I kept pushing it off, wanting the reward of a working typewriter without having to put in the effort. So, with over 30 days at home, this was the perfect opportunity. I ordered ribbon and got cleaning supplies, and the task no longer felt so daunting. By the end of lockdown, this old typewriter will feel brand new.

I also recently went through my old clothes and donated a lot of them that I no longer wore. However, I still constantly find clothes in the back of my closet and drawers that I do not wear. Since I cannot leave my house to take them to Goodwill, I decided to make them into new clothes. Equipped with spray paint and bleach, I pulled out my old clothes and went to work, making them into exciting new fashion pieces of my own handiwork.

I challenge everyone else, while bored and on lockdown, to find something old and worn out and make it into something new. Whether that means cleaning it to look fresh or customizing it to be more personalized, now is a great opportunity. For a moment, forget the stresses of the outside world, and focus on making something new again. 


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