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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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TikTok, a prominent social media app, was a rebrand of the app, which had been popular among kids in the early 2010s. Nowadays, it is one of the most successful apps of our time.
Times up for TikTok?
Leila Amirkhosravi, Staff Reporter • April 11, 2024

A great fear for all content creators, as well as technology-oriented teenagers around the country, has surfaced once again and is being dealt with by the government. On Mar. 13, the House of Representatives...

Voting down the ballot is more important now than ever, and yet its rarely done. Florida will be voting on key youth issues in 2024.
Voting down the ballot: Florida's 2024 amendments
Madalyn Propst, Multimedia Editor • April 4, 2024

As of Apr. 1, Florida’s Supreme Court has allowed Amendments 1-4, an annual adjustment for the Homestead...

Social media addiction has rose as a major problem with todays youth, but, is an out right ban the solution?
Child labor is okay, as long as they aren’t on Instagram
Madalyn Propst, Multimedia Editor • March 26, 2024

One of the biggest modern bipartisan hot-issues is the safety of minors in online spaces. So it’s no...

 Florida’s State Senators begin their last day in session on Mar. 8 2024. They voted seven new bills into law, gave three bills a final hearing and gave three return messages.
The most stressful 60 days of the year are finally over: a recap of Florida's legislative session
Madalyn Propst, Multimedia Editor • March 12, 2024

Mar. 8 marked the end of Florida’s legislative session, and the last sixty days have been nothing if...

Senior Austin Knight and Coach Allan Knight dressed up as each other for student/teacher swap day.
Senior week: a bittersweet end to an era
Sammie Jo Clark, Section Editor • April 30, 2024

As the school year comes to an end so does that of the senior class’ final moments of high school. After four years of hard work and memories, the graduating class is celebrating their final weeks at...

The honor grad ceremony had happened on April 3rd after school on the football field. After all the graduates walked, the senior class top 10 ranked students took a photo.
Celebrating the honored graduates
April 12, 2024

Every senior strives for something in their last year of high school; whether it be going to the last homecoming...

D1 recruit "Riders" her way to the top
April 5, 2024

  Despite the fact that Title IX is supposed to ensure that women’s sports gets the same amount of funding...

Sophomore Talya Campbells art designed for the AP Underclassman Casselberry Art Show.
Underclassmen take the stage at the Casselberry art show
March 28, 2024

From Feb. 6 to Feb. 27, Advanced Placement Studio Art students had their artwork displayed at the Casselberry Art...

The girls beach volleyball team gathers on the court following a game.
Beach volleyball serves amidst the sand
Nyla Black, Staff Reporter • April 9, 2024

Starting out the season with a grand slam, the girls beach volleyball team has gone 4-3 in their first seven games. One of the biggest triumphs of the team’s season thus far was their 4-1 victory against...

The inaugural girls flag football team takes their team photos.
Breaking barriers: the inaugural girls flag football team
April 2, 2024

The inaugural girl’s flag football team in the school’s history started their season on Feb. 20,...

Varsity volleyball players Samantha Bowron and Austin Knight pose for a captains photo before a game.
Volleyball stars serve (in more ways than one)
January 17, 2024

Playing a sport in high school is considered to be one of the most valuable experiences a person can...

Within an exciting season, the girls soccer teams have been able to triumph through hard work and determination, as well as trust in each other.
Kick, score, repeat
January 8, 2024

Marking the end of the fall sports season, the JV and varsity girls soccer team have shown off their...

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Olivia Rodrigo performs a track from her newest album, GUTS.
Olivia Rodrigo spills her guts… again
Kingston Lareau, Staff Reporter • April 8, 2024
Superhero movies bring in a lot of money, with box offices often selling millions of tickets worldwide, but as of late these movies have been falling below the “super” standards they uphold.
From hero to zero
Nairie De Gregory, Section Editor • April 2, 2024
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Olivia Rodrigo performs a track from her newest album, GUTS.
Olivia Rodrigo spills her guts… again
Kingston Lareau, Staff Reporter • April 8, 2024
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