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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics ended Sunday, Feb. 20. The 2026 Winter Olympics are scheduled to be held in the Italian cities of Milano and Cortina, more officially noted as the XXV Winter Olympic Games.
Broadcasting the Winter Olympics: Beijing 2022
Julia Moon, Editor in chief • March 14, 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing broke records and fulfilled Olympic dreams for many worldwide athletes. The host country of the XXIV Winter Games, China, has made precautions to avoid COVID contact...

Orlando politician Anna Eskamani poses by Lake Eola, surrounded by high-rise buildings.
Anna Eskamani: Connected to the city
March 8, 2022

It may be surprising that former President Barack Obama, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Florida Professional...

Students rehearse choreography for “Stick to the Status Quo” on Feb. 16’s rehearsal. “The singing and the dancing [are my favorite part],” senior Denver Graham said. “It’s not hard for me, stuff like this comes naturally.”
The start of the "High School Musical" 'school year'
February 23, 2022

On Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, initial auditions were held for the spring production of Disney’s ‘High School...

The introduction of the Omicron variant in Seminole County
February 7, 2022

 As the second semester of the school year kicks in, students return to campus with an unanticipated...

Totalling 2,656 points at the end of their season, UConn’s womens basketball team had an impressive run. With total attendance of 124,494, this was one of their most attended seasons ever.
UConn’s student section casts a spotlight on women's sports
Annaliese Long, Staff Reporter • April 18, 2022

History was made on Mon., Mar. 21 at the University of Connecticut (UConn) women’s basketball game against University of Central Florida in...

During their trip to France, AP Art students were able to visit museums to view famous works, as well as view the artistry behind French architecture. The buildings were amazing, senior Cat Winter said. It was great to see all the details up close.
A picturesque experience
Julia Hubbell, Entertainment/Opinions Editor • April 6, 2022

While spring break usually consists of beach trips and sleeping in for the average high schooler, it was full of museums and exhibits for AP Art students. They were invited on a trip across France...

On Feb. 25, law student Eric Hodge and UCF assistant professor Dr. Trenton Marsh were invited to share their experiences in the field of academia to students on campus.
Educating the future
Delaney Rosenblatt and Julia Moon March 14, 2022

As Black History Month comes to a close, esteemed members of the education community were invited to Essence Fest...

Students present their entry to the Black Student Unions (BSU) door decorating contest. The doors celebrate Black History Month, honoring the historic achievements that generations of African Americans have made.
Putting the spotlight on black history
Delaney Rosenblatt, Staff Reporter • February 23, 2022

On Feb. 15, Black Student Union (BSU) sponsor Britney Lacarte announced the winners of the first annual Black History...

Junior Kylie Johnson runs away from a swarm of bees in fear.
Brantley bees should buzz off
Delaney Rosenblatt, Staff Reporter • February 17, 2022

“My heart is lost; the bees have eaten it.” Author Charles Baudelaire has no comment on the aforementioned...

Senior Mya Mendoza poses in front of the welcome sign for Daytona State College, where she has recently announced her commitment to.
Committed to the future
Delaney Rosenblatt, Staff Reporter • January 21, 2022

Applying for college and inevitably getting a decision is an exceptionally draining process. Over 4 million students...

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Transitioning from private dance academies to public school for the first year in his life, David Ramos is making it a priority for students to feel comfortable with their bodies and dance abilities. He encourages them in finding the joy in dancing rather than viewing it as a burden in their school day. “Mr. Ramos has helped me see that dance isn’t just a chore that students should hate showing up for,” said sophomore Aundrea Soto.
Photo provided by: Patriot Band
This podcast covers and discusses events happening in the music industry. From drama between famous artists to thoughts about released albums and songs, there is a wide range of topics being talked about. Hosting the podcast will be junior Marcela Maya who has always been passionate about music and is always listening to music, no matter the genre.
TURN IT UP! - Festivals and Tragedy
Marcela Maya, Staff Reporter • February 10, 2022

In this episode, host Marcela Maya gives current updates in the music industry, such as the upcoming ‘When We Were Young’ festival and...

Disappearing Frogs pt. 1
Disappearing Frogs pt. 1
January 31, 2022
Disappearing Frogs pt .66
Disappearing Frogs pt .66
October 19, 2021
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Combatting prejudice in the classroom
Combatting prejudice in the classroom
Delaney Rosenblatt, Staff Reporter • May 10, 2022
As the second season of “Bridgerton” premiered on Fri. Mar. 25, fans and critics alike had a lot to say about Anthony Bridgerton’s attempt at finding a wife in the London Ton. Through the course of the season, the audience experienced the emotional high and lows of Kate and Anthony’s eventual relationship, leaving many to question whether season two lived up to the high standards set by Daphne and Simon’s story in season one.
"Bridgerton": a royal letdown
Makayla Martindale, Sports Editor • May 10, 2022
Perpetuating cinematic violence
Perpetuating cinematic violence
Delaney Rosenblatt, Staff Reporter • April 29, 2022
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Released on Apr. 1, 2022, Sonys Morbius is an unfortunate waste of good characters. Most of the movie was weirdly paced, and was overall not an enjoyable experience for viewers.
A universal disappointment: "Morbius"
Julia Hubbell, Entertainment/Opinions Editor • April 15, 2022

Released on Apr. 1, Sony’s “Morbius'' is the perfect movie to be released on April Fool’s Day. This film is a disaster...

The Iris K. Shim and Sandra Oh film, Umma highlighted generational trauma, as well as the relationships between mother and daughter.
Not becoming your “Umma”
Julia Moon, Editor in Chief • April 1, 2022

Released on Mar.18, “Umma'' touched on elements of psychological and supernatural horror, using visual effects to make...

Review on Spider-Man: No Way Home
Review on "Spider-Man: No Way Home"
Julia Hubbell and Delaney Rosenblatt January 19, 2022

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" hit theaters on Dec. 17, 2021. With high expectations set for the third installment of Tom Holland's...

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