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The Sanford Zoo continues to experience flooding from Hurricane Ian. Branches and leaves litter the grounds of the zoo.
Central Florida Zoo remains damaged weeks after Hurricane Ian
Abby Roberson, Staff Reporter • October 25, 2022

The Central Florida Zoo, a popular destination for animal lovers across the community, continues to remain temporarily closed due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian. First making landfall on Sept....

On Sept. 16, Mahsa Amini was killed for supposedly not adhering to rules regarding hijabs in Iran, creating protest for womens rights around the world.
"Woman, Life, Freedom": the killing of Mahsa Amini
Nairie De Gregory, Staff Reporter • October 17, 2022

On Sept. 16, a young woman died at the hands of the police in Tehran, Iran. The woman, 22 year-old Mahsa...

Reeling from the effects of Hurricane Ian, once playable basketball courts are found submerged in water.
‘Dog barking, wind howling, rain pouring’: Hurricane Ian brings disastrous effects to Central Florida
Avery Ranum, Editor-in-Chief • October 1, 2022

In the early hours of Thurs., Sept. 29, Hurricane Ian made landfall in Central Florida. Just a few hours...

On Sept. 9, many gathered outside of Buckingham Palace following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Many were dressed in black in mourning of the late ruler. “The day after [the death of the queen] I went to Buckingham palace and saw so many British people and tourists leave flowers and notes for the queen,” Angelina Joseph said. “The overall effect on the nation over there was somber, I could see older people moved to tears.”
Monarch leaves her mark
Avery Ranum, Editor-in-Chief • September 26, 2022

On Sept. 8, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at the remarkable age of 96....

Currently available on Amazon, Dr. Allan Knight and his daughter, Austin Knights, story book focuses on two squirrels who race cars in a lovable, youthful twist on the well-known series Fast and Furious. The book is important to me because it was a fun project that I got to do with my daughter that gave us a unique time to bond with each other, Knight said.
"The Fast and the Furriest": from idea to reality
Makayla Martindale, Editor-in-Chief • November 1, 2022

Fables—an integral aspect of childhood—have long remained the same. Whether it was reading The Tortoise and the Hare in Kindergarten and learning that “slow and steady wins the race” or hearing...

Beginning work shortly after the cast list was released, seniors Claudia Lerner and Lily Stilp-Johnson were tasked with writing the score for the schools production of Hamlet. Its a great opportunity to showcase student talents, and Im very happy to be a part of it, Stilp-Johnson said.
Students on the score
November 1, 2022

Music, in both film and live performances, is a largely important element of storytelling. As the school’s drama...

Abigail Bicker, Mikayla Walker, and Makenzie Daughtery participate in the blocking of Hamlet’s act 4 scene 5.
Begin the blocking, here comes Hamlet
October 28, 2022

Rehearsals for the upcoming production of Hamlet are in full swing. As the cast memorizes their lines and movements,...

Students recording and practicing in one of the sound proof rooms that the audio club uses.
Make some noise for the Audio Club
October 17, 2022

The start of the school year is one of the most important times for both new students and clubs, one of them being...

Prior to the kickoff of the game against Lake Mary High School on Sept. 17, the captains walk united to meet with the referees and Lake Mary captains. Our team is special, Woodson said. We are one big family and we have the ability to beat anybody as long as we stick together.
Fall sports collection
Julia Hubbell, Editor-In-Chief • November 28, 2022

On Mon. Nov. 7, the juniors and seniors prepared to face off in the annual powderpuff game. Seniors Lindsay Sheridan and Riley Fisher use face paint to show camaraderie and class spirit, donning the colors of the senior team. “The time that we spent in the locker room was so fun,” senior Riley Fisher said. “We were all able to bond before the game, especially because we were there twice, since the first game was postponed.”
Powderpuff: an "Old Skool" rivalry
November 15, 2022

Initially scheduled for Thurs., Oct. 27, but canceled due to weather, the annual juniors vs. seniors...

As the last home game for the 2022 football season, many spent the evening expressing their gratitude for memories made. During the game, I was trying to soak in every moment, senior and Homecoming Queen Carly Quinn said. My mouth hurt from smiling. At the end, it was very emotional leaving the field for the last time.
Homecoming: more than just a game
November 3, 2022

On Oct. 28, the Patriots kicked off homecoming weekend with a bang, crushing Centennial High School 47-26....

On Sept. 13, senior Sieana Banangada takes a swing in the varsity girls golf match against Winter Springs. Matches such as these lead up to the girls trip to regionals.
Girls golf goes to regionals
November 1, 2022

On Monday Oct. 24, the girls golf team placed second in a match that qualified them for regionals. After...

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On Oct. 29, homecoming was hosted out on the Patriot Grassy Green. Students packed the dance floor listening to music as strobe lights flashed.
Why you should ho-go to hoco
Avery Ranum, Editor-in-Chief • November 1, 2022
One of the most recent movies to feature a big-time star of the music world in its cast, Dont Worry Darling generated some controversy with the casting of singing phenom Harry Styles in one of the leading roles. Despite the skepticism from certain audience members regarding Styles acting ability, the movie garnered lots of publicity and earned $19 million at the U.S. box office for its opening weekend.
From stage to screen: do singers belong in movies?
Annaliese Long, Features/Entertainment/Opinions/News Editor • November 1, 2022
Period pieces are a perpetually dominant force in the cinema costume sphere. Year after year they  fill the Best Costume Design category at the Academy Awards, and ten of the last twelve winners of the award have been historical films.
How important is historical accuracy in costume design for period pieces?
Annaliese Long, Features/Entertainment/Opinions/News Editor • October 24, 2022
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This year, Hallmark begun its famous countdown to Christmas on Oct. 21. This meant the network would begin showing round-the-clock holiday programming, including premieres for numerous original holiday films.
Hallmark movies: hit or miss
Makayla Martindale and Julia Hubbell November 20, 2022
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