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  • 11/21-11/25 Happy Thanksgiving Break!
  • 11/18 Boys Soccer @ Lake Mary
  • 11/17 Cassidy Howard earns "Best of SNO" for her video
  • 11/17 Boys Basketball @ Lake Highland
  • 11/17 Girls Soccer @ Winter Springs
  • 11/11 Football Playoff Game @ Winter Park
  • 11/9 Tropical Storm Nicole makes landfall
  • 11/8 Girls Soccer @ Boone
  • 10/31 - 11/2: Boys Basketball Tryouts
  • 10/31: Halloween!
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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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Currently available on Amazon, Dr. Allan Knight and his daughter, Austin Knights, story book focuses on two squirrels who race cars in a lovable, youthful twist on the well-known series Fast and Furious. The book is important to me because it was a fun project that I got to do with my daughter that gave us a unique time to bond with each other, Knight said.

“The Fast and the Furriest”: from idea to reality

Makayla Martindale, Editor-in-Chief November 1, 2022

Fables—an integral aspect of childhood—have long remained the same. Whether it was reading The Tortoise and the Hare in Kindergarten and learning that “slow and steady wins the race” or hearing...

Beginning work shortly after the cast list was released, seniors Claudia Lerner and Lily Stilp-Johnson were tasked with writing the score for the schools production of Hamlet. Its a great opportunity to showcase student talents, and Im very happy to be a part of it, Stilp-Johnson said.

Students on the score

Julia Hubbell, Editor-In-Chief November 1, 2022

Music, in both film and live performances, is a largely important element of storytelling. As the school’s drama department prepared to put on the Sheakesprearian classic Hamlet, seniors Claudia Lerner...

Abigail Bicker, Mikayla Walker, and Makenzie Daughtery participate in the blocking of Hamlet’s act 4 scene 5.

Begin the blocking, here comes Hamlet

Amelia Galliford, Staff Reporter October 28, 2022

Rehearsals for the upcoming production of Hamlet are in full swing. As the cast memorizes their lines and movements, the crew has begun helping with the blocking. Together, the play members work on blocking...

Students recording and practicing in one of the sound proof rooms that the audio club uses.

Make some noise for the Audio Club

Marcela Maya Escalona, Podcast Editor October 17, 2022

The start of the school year is one of the most important times for both new students and clubs, one of them being the Audio Club. Sponsored by audio production teacher Jesse Rosales, the club meets every...

Beginning on Sept. 2, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights reopened. The Weenkd: After Hours house was a recent addition to the event, and a wildly popular one at that. Its very cool, sophomore Johannes Calderon said. Something new and different for Halloween Horror Nights.

More scares “After Hours”

Julia Hubbell, Editor-In-Chief October 17, 2022

On Sept. 2, Universal Studios officially reopened one of their most popular seasonal events: Halloween Horror Nights. Many students attended, trying their best to experience all ten houses, five scare...

Students attend the Caribbean Heritage club meetings to discuss their heritage. Its really powerful to see all these people come together, club founder Melini Gosine said.

Bringing the islands to campus

Amelia Galliford, Staff Reporter October 6, 2022

This school year has brought many new clubs to the campus. One of which is the Caribbean Heritage club. The club meets every Tuesday in sponsor (and ESE teacher) Pamela Hodge’s room 5-008. The club strives...

Students gather inside of the drama room for their first read-through of Hamlet.

“Hamlet” begins

Abby Roberson, Staff Reporter September 23, 2022

On Sept. 6, students participating in the drama club production of Hamlet met after school for their first read-through. Sitting around the drama room, students recited their lines and began their journey...

The Patriot Chorus hosted the Chorus Kickoff on Sept. 14. The goal of the kickoff was to create a bond within the chorus department beyond individual class periods. We wanted everyone to be comfortable with each other and form a connection, junior Lauren Hughes said.

Chorus kicks off new year

Julia Hubbell, Editor-In-Chief September 16, 2022

On Sept. 14, the Patriot Chorus hosted the "Chorus Kickoff". This was the first event hosting all chorus classes, featuring an array of bonding activities. Due to chorus students being separated into five...

During the Aug. 19 pep rally, senior Chase Morris watches as the juniors and seniors from the varsity football team battle it out in a game of tug-of-war. The game was one of many played at the rally to encourage school spirit. “The pep rally definitely makes you feel excited to be there,” freshman Gloria Estefanos said. “You know that if the pep rally is fun then the football game that night is bound to be fun as well.”

Back inside: A look at the first pep rally of the year

Avery Ranum and Trinidy Kev August 31, 2022

On Aug. 19, the main gym opened its doors to its first pep rally following a three-year-long hiatus. In years prior, the school opted for outside pep rallies to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions,...

On Aug. 12, freshman were welcomed into the auditorium during their English classes for a teacher-led orientation. Upperclassmen helped to create a fun environment through welcoming them, and playing a game of Epic Rock, Paper, Scissors, in which freshman played a tournament of the game, until there was only one winner.

Welcoming freshman with smiles

Abby Roberson, Staff Reporter August 31, 2022

On Aug. 12, the very first in-school orientation for freshmen was held. Freshman attendees went with their English class to the school’s auditorium, where they participated in a game of rock-paper-scissors,...

On Mar. 22, Brantley Rethreaded opened in the Patriot Pantry. Various students from all walks of life have stopped at the collection to see what the collection has to offer. Rethreaded is free to students regardless of whether they need the clothes or not. “Rethreaded is for everyone,” Borack said. “A lot of people ask me if theyre allowed to come in because they ‘technically dont need a donation from the school’, but I just want everyone to know that rethreaded is open to all students regardless of your financial position or anything like that.”

Reused, Recycled, Rethreaded

Avery Ranum, Features Editor April 29, 2022

When one thinks of second-hand clothes, they might typically imagine items found in a thrift store, or the clothes passed down from an older sibling. Brantley Rethreaded is changing that narrative. On...

During their trip to France, AP Art students were able to visit museums to view famous works, as well as view the artistry behind French architecture. The buildings were amazing, senior Cat Winter said. It was great to see all the details up close.

A picturesque experience

Julia Hubbell, Entertainment/Opinions Editor April 5, 2022

While spring break usually consists of beach trips and sleeping in for the average high schooler, it was full of museums and exhibits for AP Art students. They were invited on a trip across France to explore...

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