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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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The student news site of Lake Brantley High School

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TikTok, a prominent social media app, was a rebrand of the app, which had been popular among kids in the early 2010s. Nowadays, it is one of the most successful apps of our time.

Times up for TikTok?

Leila Amirkhosravi, Staff Reporter April 11, 2024

A great fear for all content creators, as well as technology-oriented teenagers around the country, has surfaced once again and is being dealt with by the government. On Mar. 13, the House of Representatives...

Voting down the ballot is more important now than ever, and yet its rarely done. Florida will be voting on key youth issues in 2024.

Voting down the ballot: Florida’s 2024 amendments

Madalyn Propst, Multimedia Editor April 4, 2024

As of Apr. 1, Florida’s Supreme Court has allowed Amendments 1-4, an annual adjustment for the Homestead Exemption and a repeal of public campaign finance laws to appear on the state's 2024 ballot. Going...

Social media addiction has rose as a major problem with todays youth, but, is an out right ban the solution?

Child labor is okay, as long as they aren’t on Instagram

Madalyn Propst, Multimedia Editor March 26, 2024

One of the biggest modern bipartisan hot-issues is the safety of minors in online spaces. So it’s no surprise that throughout Florida’s legislative session one of the most publicized pieces of legislation...

 Florida’s State Senators begin their last day in session on Mar. 8 2024. They voted seven new bills into law, gave three bills a final hearing and gave three return messages.

The most stressful 60 days of the year are finally over: a recap of Florida’s legislative session

Madalyn Propst, Multimedia Editor March 12, 2024

Mar. 8 marked the end of Florida’s legislative session, and the last sixty days have been nothing if not eventful. As final meetings are adjourned and representatives head home, the bills they voted...

On Jan.1 eyewitness say that eight to ten foot aliens were spotted roaming through a Miami mall.

Did E.T. find a new home? Some say yes

Nairie De Gregory, Section Editor February 2, 2024

On New Year's Day, in the Bayside Marketplace in Miami there was supposedly a group of 50 teenagers who began a disturbance in the mall by setting off fireworks, leading to multiple arrests. However, many...

The Young Dems club hosted a rally for education on Dec. 9 at Orlando City Hall.

Young Democrats club takes on Orlando

Amelia Galliford, Section Editor February 1, 2024

Many have complained about how today’s youth are uneducated and non-participatory in politics. However, here on campus, students are becoming more active in politics through the new Young Democrats club...

The second week of legislative session was just as tumultuous as the first. Floridians are waiting and watching anxiously for week three.

Legislative session: week two

Madalyn Propst, Multimedia Editor January 21, 2024

The conclusion of the second week of Florida’s legislative session has been just as tumultuous as the first. This week the most talked about piece of legislation has been HB1.  HB1, written and introduced...

The Florida legislature meets in the Tallahassee legislative building at the beginning of 2024. They will remain for the rest of the 60 day session.

Legislative session begins

Madalyn Propst, Multimedia Editor January 14, 2024

On Jan. 9th, Florida’s State legislatures gathered in Tallahassee to begin the 2024 legislative session.  Every year Florida’s State Senate and State House of Representatives meet for a 60-day...

Over the past decade knife violence amongst teenagers has dramatically increased.

An American take on British violence

Nairie De Gregory, Section Editor October 25, 2023

The United States of America and the United Kingdom; allies to enemies, allies again, and now frenemies. The two unions share many parallels: Human Development Index, political struggles, and use of the...

One of the fire trucks on the scene of the house fire on Hornbeam Drive. The fire went through the attic and roof, however no one was hurt. Seminole Countys Fire Department was quick to step in and put it out.

Hornbeam house fire

Sammie Jo Clark, Section Editor October 18, 2023

On Oct. 18, at 2:16 p.m., a concerned resident of East Hornbeam Drive in Sabal Point noticed smoke wafting into her backyard. After walking outside, she saw that the smoke was coming from her neighbor's...

Investing in hope

Investing in hope

Gauge Spurlock, Staff Reporter October 18, 2023

The Young Men and Women of Excellence is a group that focuses on cultivating young minds into successful leaders beyond high school. On Sep. 20, the Young Men and Women of Excellence received a visit from...

Kevin McCarthy is officially the first Speaker of the House to be ousted in U.S. history. As of Oct 4 he does not plan to run for reelection.

McCarthy removed as Speaker of the House

Madalyn Propst, Multimedia Editor October 4, 2023

Kevin McCarthy was voted out of his position as Speaker of the House on Oct. 3 in a decision of 216-210. His removal from office has been completely unprecedented in its nature, being voted out by members...

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