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National Anthem Protest Takes America by Storm

Olivia Carter, Sports/Graphic Design Editor

January 30

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There is racism in this country, and I will not deny that. People deliberately harm and ostracize one another, and this sickens me. However, mutual respect for our fellow citizens and those who protect this country is a two-way...

Later Start Time Leads to Healthier Students

Lora Korpar, Journalism 1 Student

March 10

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"I'm so tired." This is probably the most common statement I hear from students throughout the school day. The first couple of periods usually feel like being in a zombie town. It should not have to be this way. I believe that...

Excessive Technology Use Is Harmful

Emily Soto Garcia, Journalism 1 Student

March 10

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Excessive use of technology will have harmful effects on people’s health. It can cause permanent hearing loss and mental health problems. According to a national study done by Harvard University, one out of five teens suffer...

A letter from a senior

Kailey Carter, Features & Sports Editor

February 23

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I honestly can not believe that I am a senior. It really did not hit me until my close friends and I took a picture together at senior lunch. These past four years have blurred together in my mind, but I think I have learned a...

In Defense of the American Education System

Hunter Wolff, Multimedia & Copy Editor

February 10

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It seems that a favorite pastime for many high school students is to complain about school; I know I am guilty of this myself. However, one common grievance shared by most students is that what is taught in classes is irrelevant...

SAT Prep Courses: Worth the Expense

Grace Coughlin, Editor-in-Chief

December 14

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Although I would love to say that I spent a few hours at the library with my nose in an SAT Prep book, took the test once, and moved on with my life, that is far from my experience. In order to reach my desired SAT score and please...

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