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Lake Brantley counts down the seconds before “lights out” at last week’s Blackout Pep Rally!

Video provided by: Sabrina Bonadio



On Friday, August 26 Lake Brantley played a Varsity football game against Boone High School. The Lake Brantley Patriots outscored the Boone Braves 45-21. Pictured here is junior Brett Haecker, kick returner for Brantley receiving a kickoff resulting in a touchback.

Photo provided by: Casey Lewis



Marching band and cheerleaders livening it up at the pep rally.

Photo provided by: Morgan Gaynor



Principal Dr. Trent Daniel visited Holly Primc’s fifth period chemistry class on September 1. Daniel assisted students who were learning how to convert measurements.

Photo provided by: Leman Frye



Lake Brantley High School’s band and sparklers performing an amazing half time show on Tom Storey Field. Lake Brantley crushed Boone High School with a final score of 45-21 on August 26, 2016.

Photo provided by: Alexis Schmidt



“13.8 BILLION years is a LONG TIME!!! The “idea” that the Universe is this Old is difficult for students, heck everyone, to perceive ( we can handle thinking about 500 years in either direction), especially when you take into account that Primates have “only” been around for 1.4 MILLION years, LIFE on this plant 3.8 BILLIONS years ago, and the FIRST STARS “blinked” ON about about 13.5 BILLION years ago…. my point is LARGE timelines, with LARGE gaps in them are hard. So, we used numbers we understood, 100 yards; an American Football field. Student’s were responsible for 8 “threshold years.” They need to “plot” these Thresholds, using these HUGE numbers, and convert them to the distances on an actual football field. In groups, the student create TRI – Fold Size Cue Cards, Lined up on the Band Practice Field. The attached photos are “class photos” in the amphitheater so we could get everyone in the shot. This class is called Intro to Social Sciences in the Curriculum guide, and this year Mr. Hopkinson (H) teachers it 3rd, 6th, and 7th. HERE’S TO THINKING BIG!!!! for more info.” – Hopkinson

Photo provided by: Kyle Hopkinson


The student news site of Lake Brantley High School
Photos of the Week