Letters of Recognition


Photo provided by: Kaiden Bittinger

The students in Dr. Allan Knight’s class was recently assigned to write formal letters. These letters were specifically written to a staff member of their choice, with the purpose of appreciating them and recognizing their actions on campus.

Kaiden Bittinger, Reporter

Negativity and violence have been the talk of the town since the start of 2020, but there are those who still work towards spreading positivity in these trying times. English teacher, Dr. Allan Knight, has recently required his students to construct a letter to a faculty member who they feel deserves recognition and appreciation. This letter serves as a way for students to practice writing formal letters, while also allowing them to share more positivity for a change.

“I chose to write to Mr. Gardner,” senior Caleb Scott said. “I assumed it would make him happy to receive a letter like that to reassure him that he’s a good teacher. I think everyone should do more acts of kindness, a little kindness wouldn’t hurt anyone.” 

Since most people have had their heads buried in recent news, mainly related to politics, it is a great change of pace to receive more positive news in the form of a personalized, formal letter. Dr. Knight made sure that students included personal reasons of why they wanted to recognize their chosen staff member, and how they have appreciated their leadership and role as a teacher. 

“I think Ms. Craft will feel happy to know that she is appreciated for what she does because it makes a difference in the lives of the students she helps,” senior Taleen Smythe said. “I believe that students can be kinder to their teachers and say thank you once in a while since I don’t think they get enough appreciation.” 

As these students take note of the reactions from their letters, the goal is that they continue working toward incorporating more acts of kindness in their day to day lives. Happiness is contagious, and giving back a little bit of encouragement to those who have committed their lives to helping students prepare for theirs, is sure to put a smile on their face.

“We’re not trying to just make student’s lives difficult,” Dr. Knight said. “We’re trying to give a fair amount of work and teach them things. And, we’re also trying to help them grow as people, and I think a lot of the students know that. I’m seeing in the letters that they recognize that you know these teachers, counselors, everyone else on campus cares for them beyond just a grade for them. We really want to see these students grow as people and develop into people that are really ready to contribute to their community.”