Sports JAM: Superbowl


Photo provided by: Julia

In the debut episode of Sports JAM, sophomores Julia Hubbell, Avery Ranum, and Makayla Martindale introduce themselves and dive into SuperBowl LV. Listen as these girls dance around the topic of the actual game, instead focusing on streakers, halftime, and Rob Gronkowski.

Sports JAM is your podcast for everything sports… maybe. However little you think you know about sports, these girls know less. Hear from Julia, Avery, and Makayla as they dive into the athletic world; everything from the latest football game to the strangest sports they could find. While Makayla may be the only competent voice, Julia and Avery still have a lot to say. Their lack of knowledge does not mean lack of entertainment. Stick around with the JAM crew as they try to understand the appeal of competitive sports.