Hagerty football game


Photo provided by: Ashley Weston

The home football game on the night of August 27th was the varsity game against Hagerty High school. Coach Delfiacco spoke to junior Braxton Woodson to direct the game, the Patriots were declared the winners by the end of the end of the night.

Ashley Weston, Reporter

The first home game of the school year was a success as the varsity football team came out with a win against Hagerty High School. With a final score of 34 to 27, the varsity football team kicks off the season with a 1-1 record.

The team’s defense was effective for the entirety of the game, causing  the Hagerty Huskies to change their game plan. In the first quarter they scored seven to Hagerty’s six

“The first three quarters were definitely the up side of the game with a 28-6 lead,” physical education teacher and head football coach David Delfiacco said. “But in the fourth quarter we let them get back in the game, with some mistakes and penalties.”

The players worked hard all summer to prepare for the fall season, and this effort was made apparent throughout the game, with the Patriots keeping the lead at the end of each quarter. In the second quarter the Patriots scored seven points, and an additional fourteen points in the third quarter, preventing any points to Hagerty for both quarters.  

“We came out fired up and we had a great opening drive,”  junior David Leete said. “Mason Norwood, he played a really good game and had over 200 yards.”

Hagerty’s team came back to score during the fourth quarter, scoring 21 to six, but the athletes were able to maintain their lead and recover the onside kick. In addition to the Patriots strong defense, the offensive line was strong throughout the game as well. 

“The highs were us stopping them on defense and offense,” junior Walter Balcom said. “I’m proud that we made Hagerty abandon their run game because we were stopping it.”

To celebrate, the win the team went to Hurricanes to eat together

“Getting a win in the first game of the season is always what you hope for,” Delfiacco said. “I’m always confident in our team because they work hard all week long to prepare.”