Office SuppLIES

Office SuppLIES

Avery Ranum, Features Editor


I was clipped on a folder 

You were sitting on a stack 

Even in fluorescent light 

I thought you had my back 


But I guess I should have known 

When I saw you on a file 

You’ve never looked my way 

Like I’ve never made you smile 


I spent so much time

Bent my wire to your whim 

All that wasted effort 

For you to end with him 


Now I see your fibs were thin

Now I see your lies were white

Like the paper, I clung to

Every day and every night


So when I finally meet you again

At the bottom of a bin

Will you ask why I’m tangled?

Will you know where to begin?


Well I guess I should have known

Out of two metal wires

One of us was trying

And the other was a liar