Come Out with Pride parade


Photo provided by: Bella Centeno

Members of GSA walk amongst members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community during the Come Out with Pride celebration on Oct. 9. “It was so special to be in such a supportive and welcoming environment.”

Julia Hubbell, Entertainment/Opinions Editor

Though Pride Month takes place during June, many events and celebrations of the LGBTQ+ community continue year-round. Among these was the Come Out with Pride event on Oct. 9 in Orlando, which took place two days before National Coming Out Day. The event was hosted by the Orlando based organization “Come Out with Pride.” Locally, the on-campus Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) attended the event, as did theater.

GSA arrived at Lake Eola with an abundance of flags, energy and support, representing values that they feel the school should reflect.

“The most important part about GSA doing events outside of school is to get people to know who we are and what we support,” junior Bella Centeno said. “We want people to know that we support and care for them, that’s the reason for the whole organization.”

In addition to GSA, the theater department attended the pride celebration to promote the musical “Fun Home.” The musical centers around LGBTQ+ characters and representation, making the pride festival an opportune event for cast and crew to showcase support for GSA as well as their shows’ story. The show “Fun Home” centers around Alison, as she discovers herself through her sexuality, passions and relationships.

“From the moment I heard we would be doing this show and simultaneously working with the GSA, I was all on board,” junior Hallie Presley said. “I figured that since I was going, I might as well attend the event with friends to help spread awareness for the show, as it tied heavily into the LGBT+ community.”

The event’s impacts ranged from community-inspiring to personally empowering experiences.

“The whole experience made me just so happy that a whole wide range of people can come together and just be themselves with no worry,” senior Matthew Ortega said.

Presley found the event motivating, to not only the company she attended with, but for herself as well. Many participants were surprised by the amount of positivity found at the event.

“It definitely gave me the motivation to make “Fun Home” the best it could be, but it also helped me be way more comfortable in my skin and my life,” Presley said.

Overall, both groups representing the school were deeply impacted by the proceedings of the event. From representation on stage, to personal freedom and promoting messages of positivity, the Come Out with Pride festival made many lasting impacts on campus.

“These events are important, and I can see now just why everyone loves them,” Presley said. “They’re truly unlike anything I’ve experienced before in the best possible way.”