Brooke Pressimone: The second chance of a lifetime


Photo provided by: Brooke Pressimone

Brooke Pressimone poses in Times Square during her trip New York City in November of 2019. Pressimone was set to perform as a dancer in the annaul Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Anina-Jeannette Williams, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, Nov. 25, Spirit of America will be presenting its annual Macy’s Day Parade, marking its 95th year. In many families, it is a tradition to watch on Thanksgiving morning and creates much anticipation for the upcoming holiday season and will be broadcasted on CBS and NBC this year. It also creates a memorable experience that can be shared amongst families or even individuals themselves, such as senior Brooke Pressimone.


Pressimone was given an opportunity of a lifetime, as she was able to participate in the annual parade in 2019 and once again is being given the same opportunity this year. The parade is a great way for people all over the country to come together for collaboration and to form connections with the people they meet. 

“I first got involved by seeing an information sheet on Facebook looking for dancers from all over to audition for the company,” Pressimone said. “I’m looking forward to getting to be a part of such a huge country-wide tradition again.,” Pressimone said. “It’s so fun to get to dance in something this big.”

As any dancer would say, rehearsals and performance are incredibly stressful. Pressimone takes this in stride, staying level-headed amongst the crazy atmosphere.

“The first time I went, the atmosphere was so fun yet so chaotic in the best way,” Pressimone said. “I am excited about the same environment.”


In 2019, Pressimone danced in the parade with friend and fellow dancer Katelyn Ashley. This year, after going through the same audition process, Pressimone will be representing Central Florida by herself.

“When I found out I was going again, I was so excited but also very nervous because I was going alone this time,” Pressimone said. “My nerves were much worse this year because I went alone. Although I knew what to expect, I was worried that I would get lost or wouldn’t make friends. And quite the opposite happened.”

Like any dance show, the work leading up to it is tiring. However, Pressimone believes that the hard work that goes into the parade is equally rewarding, as she is able to perform as a dancer in the nationally celebrated 2021 Macy’s Day Parade.

“Overall, the parade is so fun and amazing,” Pressimone said. “The rehearsals are long and exhausting but it’s so worth it. We get to tour the city when we get free time and perform in the biggest parade in the country. I’m so honored to get to participate with Spirit of America.”