From field to court


Photo provided by: Julia Hubbell

Down multiple players, the junior varsity girls basketball team invited junior varsity soccer players to play against Forest Lake Academy. “I am pretty happy with the performance throughout the game,” junior Adriana Sylvia said. “Every player put in their all and didn’t give up, which I truly appreciate.”

Julia Hubbell, Entertainment/Opinions Editor

On Jan. 6, the junior varsity girls basketball team faced off against Forest Lake Academy. After an intense game, the Lady Patriots secured a win, ending the game 27-20. However, the girls basketball team faced a significant change prior to the game. With a spike in COVID-19 cases, the team found themselves down multiple players. To combat this shortage, members of the junior varsity soccer team were asked to sub in for absent basketball players.

Juniors Lindsay Sheridan, Natalie Gutierrez and Rebecca MacArthur were the additions to the girls basketball team in their match against the Forest Lake Panthers. With little time for preparation, these girls sought to make the most of this opportunity.

“I was asked the day before the game,” Sheridan said. “So I did what I could to practice, the night before I went outside and shot some hoops.”

The team faced a steep learning curve with the addition of new substitute players. The soccer players were likewise tasked with the challenge of taking their minds off of the field and on to the court.

“It was definitely a big difference to use my hands instead of my feet,” Sheridan said. “But I believe basketball is less aggressive than our soccer team, so there wasn’t pressure in that way.”

As for the permanent members of the girls basketball team, they had to learn how to communicate and cooperate with three new teammates, without any prior preparation.

“We did our best to explain their positions and gave constructive criticism throughout the game,” junior varsity basketball player Adriana Sylvia said.

Despite the challenges the team faced, the nail-biting game ended with the Lady Patriots emerging on top. Part of this was due to the defense put up by the soccer-playing substitutes and the four points that Sheridan scored throughout the duration of the game.

“It felt great being able to support them,” Sheridan said. “I was definitely excited to get on the court.”

The three newly added contributors were faced with lots of support in return for their help from the rest of the girls basketball team. The crossover of teams allowed for a new sense of community and athletic solidarity to be generated.

“The highlight for me was when Lindsay made two shots,” Sylvia said. “Her reaction and joy was just immeasurable.”