The Winter Festival

Annaliese Long and Marcela Maya

As the end of the first semester drew near, the amount of school pressures began to ramp up. Between final exams, gift exchanges and school spirit days, students had lots of academic and recreational activities to manage. However, in the midst of everything that had been going on, teachers and students came together to organize an afternoon of fun, which came in the form of the Winter Festival.

Many students paired up with teachers and peers to come up with concepts for booths. Each booth took on a distinct theme, providing a unique contribution to the festival’s selection.

“In order to plan my table, I met with my counselor and the other students I was working with, and we just thought of ideas to make this inclusive for everybody,” sophomore Livi Childs said. “For our class, we wanted to raise money by selling gifts, and for the booth we just wanted to get everybody involved through writing about their traditions.”

Taking place during both lunches on Friday, Dec. 10, the Winter Festival was centered around students walking around to different booths and learning about a variety of cultures, while also having the option to purchase food items specific to said cultures. 

“My booth was here for the French Club,” senior Victoria Camposano said. “We did French pastries for people to buy, which was a fun way to contribute to the festival and make our club better.”

Through the thoughtful planning put in by students and the open and free atmosphere cultivated by the festival, the event allowed students to cap off their first semester in a fun, relaxing manner. 

“I really enjoyed the festive music they were playing, and I also loved the shops that they had,” sophomore Sarah Cillo said. “There was a lot of good stuff, like snow cones and other winter-ish foods. The environment was super friendly and receiving, and I thought it was a cool way to spend the last couple days before exams.”