Career Construction Day

Alexander Garofalo and Angelina Jonkaitis


Photo provided by: Alexander Garofalo

An employee of Florida Transportation Builders’ Association, Inc. demonstrates how to properly use a pipe bender. Following the demonstration, the students then separated into groups and had the opportunity to test it out for themselves.

Alexander Garofalo, Copy Editor

On January 31, 2020, Building Trades and Construction Design classes from various schools in Central Florida gathered at the Central Florida Fairgrounds for the annual Career Construction Day. Spanning the length of the day, students were able to experience the basic concepts of what a multitude of construction companies do. In addition to learning about these companies, students were educated on the numerous job opportunities that lie in these job areas, as well as the benefits of pursuing one of these fields. In between hands-on team-building activities, the actual employees delivered explanations of what their respective company does and what is expected if one is to pursue their field of work. Also, students were even able to pilot an assortment of machines that would commonly be found on the site.