Klingenberg signs to the University of Florida


Photo provided by: Madison Harris

Ashley Klingenberg signs to the University of Florida on February 6th. Klingenberg was signing along with her mom, dad and twin sister.

Madison Harris, Business Manger

Running is a tiring sport for one’s mind, body and soul. After years of training and racing, athletes can sometimes hit a wall in both their motivation and desire to continue within the sport. Senior Ashley Klingenberg has used her dream to compete collegiately to propel her through the many challenges the sport of cross-country brings.

Klingenberg began running in elementary school and quickly developed both a love for the sport and a deep passion for training. After years of improvement through hard work and months of talking with scouts, Klingenberg has committed to attending the University of Florida to continue her education and running career.

“The best part of coaching Ashley is being able to see her grow in her determination as a distance runner,” coach Tony Moore said. “She is always striving to be better and I love that about her. When she sets a goal, she achieves it no matter what obstacle comes her way.”

Klingenberg has a deep respect for the sport of running and loves to help those around her reach their full potential. She hopes to continue her love for running, as one day maybe coaching which would allow her to build upon her love for the sport. Over the past four years, she has excelled at both the Regional and State meets, and her senior season has been no different, placing 10th overall at the FHSAA 4A Cross Country state finals with a time of 18:22.

“I think my favorite part of training with Ashley for these past four years has been her positivity,” senior Lindsey Nowak said. “Ashley always makes us work harder and pushes us to believe in ourselves even on the days we may not feel like running.”

Over the course of her high school years, Klingenberg has grown much as an athlete and person under the coaching and mentoring of Moor. She has been able to not only grow as a leader but has also learned the importance of conquering the battles one may be facing and rise above the challenges. This is the lesson that Klingenberg lives out every day on the track and in life.

“I have learned that with hard work comes results yet the results can’t only focus, you have to win the day and enjoy the point your at because in the struggle to fitness you realize you are stronger than you think,” Klingenberg said. “You have to go into everything with the confidence that you’re the best person there, but also keep in mind that anyone can have a great day, you just have to rise to the occasion and boss up.”