Quarantine in creative mode


Photo provided by: Ada Grieger

Harry Potter book 1 in bedroom while eating cake while being quarantined at home.

Ada Grieger, Staff reporter

Ever since the world stopped and COVID-19 and became a global emergency, people have been finding themselves in a fickle state, not knowing how to spend their free time. Luckily enough, there are many unique ways to be creative during those long enclosed days. It is hard for many people to find creativity in the little things, so a few people have come up with ways to prevent being bored as they share their ideas and concerns about laziness and how to be expressive.
Movies, books, and shows have been popular during quarantine all the while, modern society is at its peak of laziness and boredom. Nobody really knows how to create an idea in a time of little inspiration, but small things such as reciting lines from an act, or drawing out a scene from a book can strike any imagination. Creating new ideas is difficult for many but many find their inspiration through a wild imagination. Boredom has been striking people as a new way to create more!
“A lot of online artists inspired me with this quarantine,” freshman Brigette Moran said. “They always do, random bursts of energy make me grab my pencil or art tablet and start doodling.”
Due to quarantine, many people are finding a new way to be active. One of which is exercising during advertisements. Any time a film or video is being watched and there is an ad, individuals get up and do an exercise as the ad plays. This is good information but it doesn’t really go with the next quote. Did Ms. D’Ambrosio say this or was that your opinion and finding? You can also include how many fitness apps such as Peloton and
“If you have little or no activity, your body will lose strength, stamina, and potential some abilities to function,” Biology teacher Lauren D’Ambrosio states. “By having less activity we put our heart health at risk and can develop diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.” Apps such as “Five Exercises” can also help you get up and get active by assigning 5 spontaneous exercises on a certain level of difficulty.
Many people can relate to feeling unproductive and inexpressive and have taken to redecorating rooms. Painting walls can create a new mood for the area. Rearranging things around a room creates a new sense of place. I would include something about all of the new shows on HGTV or Netflix that encourage home decorating and DIY. Or the trend of Pinterest. Shows like “Interior Design Masters” or “Tidying up” on Netflix can give some inspiration into the interior design process.
“I did change my room around a lot to fit my moods and interests, I feel my room is where I spend a lot of my time,” Sammie Jo Clark said. “I am motivated to keep it clean and nice looking and the way I want it to look because I know I am going to be spending a lot of time in there and a good environment keeps you in a good mood.”