Girl’s golf plays regionals.


Photo provided by: Peggy Leis

Sophomore Sienna Banangada lines up her shot at the district meet at Ocala on Oct. 12. This meet qualified them for the regional’s meet on Oct. 19. This was an exciting moment caught on camera by Coach Peggy Leis.

Kaiden Bittinger, Staff Reporter

As a nice closing to the season, the girl’s golf team qualified for the regionals meet held at Gainesville on Oct.19. This marks the first time girls golf have ever qualified for regionals. Although they did not make it past regionals this year, they are hopeful for the upcoming years.

This year, compared to years past, has had its challenges. COVID-19 played its part in altering the season, but the team prospered despite the setbacks. New additions to the team are always welcome, and it seems that this has led to a lot of the success of the season. However, the team did face a devastating blow to their players this season.

“[COVID-19] took my number two girl out for two weeks,” golf coach Peggy Leis said. “She missed four matches, which was disappointing for her. But she’s back and she’ll be able to play with us when we go to regionals.”

Despite this setback, the team gave it their all at the match on Monday, the 19th. Although they did not qualify for the state meet, the team was  happy to have made it that far. Proving that they can make it to such esteemed meets like regionals, Leis wanted to motivate more girls to come out and play.

“There are hundreds and hundreds of scholarships for female golfers out there, more than any other in the state,” Leis said. “So, come out and play, it’s a fun game, it’s an addictive game. It is very much a game that requires a certain amount of good sportsmanship and manners, but it’s also a very athletic game. So come on out, we’d love to have you.”