What is up with COVID holidays?


Photo provided by: Julia Moon

COVID-19 has given holiday celebrations a significant change. As people consider the risks of the virus, it becomes difficult to travel far or invite others.

Julia Moon, Editor in Chief

I admit, the winter holiday season of 2021 was kind of a disappointment. After the initial breakout of COVID-19 in the United States back in 2020, I had already expected that holiday gatherings such as Thanksgiving and Christmas would not be as travel-heavy and relaxed as they were in years previous. The pandemic took a big chunk of time from everyone, almost as if much of 2020 was stolen from existence. While everyone wished that 2021 meant the end of the virus, that did not seem to be the case. 

News about vaccines and antibody research during 2021 gave way to better hopes about combating the virus. For many others, it was a year that still carried remnants of 2020, along with the consistent rise and fall of COVID-19 cases trailing in sync with the semi-busy travel holidays and vacations. Staying home for such long bouts of time really brought out the homebody in me, and made the anticipation of receiving gifts and seeing extended family seem slow and unimportant. 

Even though there were the same holiday sales and events– with some restrictions –happening around town, they felt mellow and oftentimes not as attractive as they were pre-COVID. People were more hesitant to spend too much time out with large groups, and the opportunity to travel outside the state seemed futile if those you are visiting are at risk of contracting the virus. Even the deals on Black Friday and after the holidays could not convince my family to go out shopping, and if we did any, it was limited to window shopping. 

Now that we rang in the new year, I have to say that I still carry my doubts about the 2022 holiday season. It might sound pessimistic, but I like to see things as they are, and 2022 is no different. It definitely would not be an easy journey to go across, but after watching the ball drop in New York’s Time Square live on YouTube, I can see why people still continue to look forward. People were smiling and happy, celebrating the close of 2021 and welcoming the new year. 2022 will probably have a lot in store for us, and I know that everybody is probably wishing for the best resolutions and reunions, whenever or wherever that might be. 

I hope that this year’s holidays and get-togethers might be a little different, if not, at least a little on the upside of things. My expectations for 2022 are still flexible. After all, the year has only just begun.