Top shows could shift to new streaming services


Photo provided by: Keaton Johnson

As streaming services have grown in popularity, Netflix has risen to the top with 148 million viewers, with Amazon Prime and Hulu trailing close behind.

Madison Harris, Business Manager

In modern day entertainment, streaming services are taking over people’s television screens, iPhone and laptops. Though most assume Netflix as the first streaming service, this phenomenon was actually introduced in 1992 with an organization called StarWorks. While this business quickly fell out, it was the beginning of the binge-watching habits that would encompass society today.
Since the first streaming service, hundreds of businesses have flooded the entertainment world with the hopes of being the biggest and best streaming services for customers of the television and film world. With major newspapers such as the New York Times calling this “The great race to rule the streaming world,” companies such as Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video are all creating new content, benefits and attractions to their businesses to beat out the competition. Streaming media impacts everyone who watches any form of entertainment, including teachers and staff members on campus.
“I use Amazon Prime and also Netflix almost daily,” marine science teacher Laura Spiess said. “I would be willing to spend more money on streaming services because each streaming service is different, which would provide access to the show I really want to watch but at the same extent there are services that make me question why I am spending money on something I may only watch once a month.”
With many streaming services attempting to gain control over the title of the best service, they are racing to produce the most intriguing content for the customers. Due to this, television providers such as CBS, NBC and ABC are removing shows from popular streaming services to launch their own version of these streaming services. This industry is continuing to grow with over 200 businesses streaming daily, many customers expect the entertainment world to change even more in the future.
“I am not willing to invest or spend the money in more streaming service even if they provide new content,” senior Carrlee Crocker said. “It’s honestly ridiculous for services to ask consumers to purchase a streaming service for one show. I think the future of entertainment is shifting and in 10 years it’s going to be one giant streaming service. These multiple businesses are going to transform into one monopoly.”
While the long-term future of streaming service is unknown, students and customers alike can remain positive that the most popular services will continue to produce binge worthy show such as Stranger Things, Thirteen Reasons Why and the Handmaid’s Tale, which all are originals to specific services. In addition to streaming services providing entertainment, while generating profit, there are streaming services that are free such as YouTube that benefits its consumers with entertainment but also with educational benefits.
“I have used YouTube videos to help me study for certain topics,” junior Kaiden Bittinger said. “YouTube is also helpful in audio books, so I can stay focused while reading books for class. Some of the videos help me recall stuff I have learned and others teach me new things that help out in later lessons.”