Dropping Out of the 2020 Democratic Race


Photo provided by: Julia Moon

Joe Biden has become the apparent Democratic nominee for the 2020 Presidential Election after opponent Bernie Sanders chose to withdraw from the race on April 8.

Julia Moon, Staff Reporter

The Democratic party seems to have found a nominee. Though the original candidates for Democratic race for nomination began at a historical high of 28 candidates, 27 of them dropped out from the Democratic race as of April 8, leaving just one option for automatic nomination. Joe Biden has become the apparent nominee after Democratic runner-up Bernie Sanders decided to withdraw from his campaign after suffering recent losses to Biden. 

These sudden changes occurred before voting was even complete, caused by a delay from the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. This added to the already changing voting situation, as many ballots were given out through the mail and online. Now, the remaining Democratic voters will not have a choice but to see Biden as a nominee for the 2020 Presidential Election.

“It makes me sad because thinking of all the people who were behind them and supporting them for their opinions on, like, political topics,” junior Amira Alnuzhah said. “They no longer have a person to look up to in the long run on who will run the country.”

In retrospect, a handful of the Democratic candidates who chose to drop out of the race showed strong support for Biden’s campaign. Though Sanders had a reason to leave the race after experiencing a series of losses to Biden, this race ended abruptly nevertheless. Many voters who supported Bernie up to this point may have to rethink their votes for this coming presidential election. 

“The democratic candidates this whole election really suffered and now that Biden’s the only one left, I’m not sure where the votes will go because Biden’s views don’t completely line up with far left voters,” sophomore Riley Murphy said. “I really don’t know much about it but I know that a lot of people are disappointed that Bernie left the race.”