How to win as the Imposter in Among Us


Photo provided by: Ada Grieger

This is the screen when the role of imposter has been given to the player. It gives a few split seconds to strategize about how they will eliminate the crewmates.

Ada Grieger, Staff reporter

Among Us is a mystery oriented game that took students by storm during 2020. It requires teamwork and social development amongst the players. However, many struggle when it comes to being the Imposter: the role which eliminates the crewmates, sabotages the ship, and tries to win. This game revolves around strategy, as the crewmates must find evidence to collect on who the imposter may be in trial. There is no limit of time but the crewmates must finish all of their tasks before the imposter can succeed in eliminating everyone on the server.

This game has really taken off due to the team building aspect and that the game does not need advance effects to be entertaining. “My favorite aspect of the game is that you get to customize your character. I really do enjoy playing the game.” Molly Freeburg, a freshman, says as she plays along with her Latin class in an intense game of Among Us during the period break.

Tasks are what the crewmates must complete in order to win while maintaining the ship. The Imposter should start with faking a few of these tasks openly in front of others, tasks as O2 (located in 02 room) or swiping a card (in admin) in the beginning of the game to “prove their innocence.”


They must search around to make sure they are alone with another person. Quickly, they must sabotage the doors and make a kill and escape through vents into an empty area. The doors in the med bay are able to shut, therefore, making it the perfect place for the imposter to strike.



Once the body is found, the Imposter should act confused, like they are curious but unaware, if others accuse someone, they must go along with it. This screen appears once a body or a meeting has been called/reported and the players must discuss amongst themselves about who they suspect.





They should go ask if they want to stick around them so they gain their trust. Kill elsewhere, once the body is found they have someone that will back them up, the imposter gains trust of an “ally” by sympathizing and strategizing with them.




The Imposter should repeat some of these steps throughout the game in order to get away, if they are accused, it is best for them to act oblivious or say you were near their “alibi” and turn the tables on them. Once they have gotten rid of everyone, the screen will say “victory” to the Imposter if they win.